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A computer user must know the light cat

2018-01-05 11:32:41
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is the main cat dial-up Internet access on many computer users, for everyone not unfamiliar, cat and the light cats rarely heard.Because when everyone working on broadband will be free to send a cat, and optical fiber to buy light cat again at home, but also particularly expensive, so what is the difference between light and ordinary cat cat?The problem, I believe everyone settle there are a lot of curiosity.Below small make up what is to share the cat, it and what is the difference between ordinary cat?How does it break?Take a look at below.

cat is a kind of light with the light signals into other devices, but also to play the role of a modem is generally used in a wide area network signal conversion.Light cat at a rate of 2 m, the device is adopted on a large scale integration chip, simple circuit, low power consumption, high reliability, complete with alarm status indicator and perfect network management function.

what is the difference between light and ordinary cat cat?I believe you should think very easily.Ordinary cat can't meet the requirements of optical fiber network with high quality.We know fiber door is optical fiber broadband, is actually a hi and ordinary cat for dial-up Internet access, but the difference is the main difference between ordinary cat is by telephone access, and the light cat is made of fiber access, interface protocols of the two is different, so in the essential difference between the two, not universal.

for the first time to use light users, the cat and wireless router to set success is difficult.In order to remove the trouble of computer users, small make up finishing some concrete operating methods for you:

1, both ends of a piece with a crystal of the head of one end of the cable in light of the cat any port and the other end is inserted in the wireless router port;

2, and then another root with crystal head on both ends of the cable end inserted in the wireless router port, port at the other end are inserted in the computer;

3, double-click to open the online on the computer desk neighbors →Check the network connection →Right-click the local connection →Property →Double-click Internet protocol →Click with the following IP address, and then input respectively: IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and preferred DNS server, and then click ok.

4, open the IE browser, log in wireless router Settings page, click to Internet connection for ADSL dial-up, enter Internet account, password and password again, click ok on setup is complete.After

5, set up complete, mobile phone users can open the wireless local area network (LAN), WiFi can surf the Internet.

end: to see so much, I believe you light cat with common difference, the crack of light cat had certain understanding, hope everybody gains.To learn more knowledge about decorate class, can very much attention to our web site.Wish everyone have a happy life.

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