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A network cable computer and how to share the Internet? Set-top box with the router how to set up th

2018-01-19 18:18:13

just moved to a new home, had just Internet friend, will face the same problems, how to weave at home by a ubiquitous network, become a happy net insect?So the question comes, only a piece of string in the home, how can I can use a computer surfing the Internet and can be used at home watching TV set-top boxes?Cable connection router and set-top boxes?A cable connect how to connect the two wireless router?Let's look at the detailed tutorial.

can generally introducing broadband line router, and then through a router network signal assigned to computers and televisions (network television or set-top boxes) can be used, here it is, is now widely use of network television, there are some families use STB (set-top box is now listed network basic support wireless WIFI and cable connection mode), so the specific operation method respectively, the following two kinds:

1, if you are using ADSL broadband access (need to dial), so, whether you receive the set-top box or pick up the TV, cable should be from the LAN port of the router connection, upright is invalid, because the port is not compatible.

2, if you use the optical fiber LAN village dial (don't), you can into the set-top box or a television set, television can support network interface).

the first: the router + PC + set-top box (cable connection) + TV connection socket

router physical diagram is as follows:

router's WAN port or blue socket installation of cable broadband operators, each LAN port connected computers and the Internet set-top box Internet cable RJ45 socket.

Internet set-top box socket object diagram is as follows:

Internet set-top box RJ45 interface with Ethernet cable connected to the router LAN port, HDMI hd interface, use hd line HDMI connection with the TV.If there is no HDMI TV or do not use this interface, can use the AV line respectively connected to the TV video and audio input.

hardware connection is complete, double-click to open the computer browser, according to different brand, the router in the address bar, enter the IP address of the router on the back of the annotation is or, can open the router login screen.

1, double-click to open the browser, type in the address bar (input the default password is admin and admin) to enter configuration screen, click "Setup wizard ", click "The next step ".

2 for PPPOE, choose Internet connection, click "The next step ", enter the broadband operators offer broadband user name and password, click "Save "Click "Complete "Can complete the router set this to

the second: the router + PC +

a network television (wireless), first connect the computer and the router, set up the router connected to broadband network;

1, according to the below link first broadband router, cats and computer;With wiring the cat and the router's WAN port, makes the router receives the network;With a network cable to connect the router LAN port and host computer network port, makes the computer receives the router transmission network, connection diagram is as follows:

2, routers, computers, electric start cat;Open the browser on the computer and enter the router Settings url " ", the user name and password in the pop-up dialog box are input "Admin", "Identify "After login the router Settings interface.

3, under the interface of the router, points on the left side of the network parameters of the WAN port Settings, enter the user's network broadband account and password, then click save.The router can be successfully connected to the broadband network.After

4, completed the router Settings, save and exit the router Settings, restart the router.The computer can connect the router to the Internet, feel free to open the online test page.

2, set up the TV connected to the router network;

1 and need conditions: television, has been connected to the router, network cable;

2, the cables connect the router LAN port, on the other side of TV network interface.

3, turn on the TV, operate the TV with the remote control, enter "System Settings ";

4, under the interface of system setup, select the left & the other;Network Settings "After, click on the right side of the network Settings interface in detail, namely select "Cable set "Click to enter.After

5, into the cable set, click "Wired: automatically obtain IP", the television signals and can detect network IP address;Television has been successfully connect to the Internet;

6, through the above Settings, computers and televisions can connect the router to the Internet at the same time.

a cable connect two wireless router,

1, the second router set dynamic IP Internet

2, the second router as switches with important:

(1), this paper mainly introduces the second router connection and Internet setting, the first router please connect broadband network line, and set up the Internet itself.

(2), the second condition is the premise of the router can surf the Internet, the first router can normal Internet access.So, must assure you of the first router can be normal access to the Internet.

(3), the following Settings, introduced in this paper is carried out in the second router.

1, connecting two routers to prepare 2 Internet line, a line on a connection the first router LAN (1, 2, 3, 4) in any interface, Ethernet cable the other end is connected to the second the WAN interface of the router.Another Internet line between a second router LAN (1, 2, 3, 4) in any one, the other end to connect the computer.

the first router LAN port, connected the second router's WAN port

2, set up the second dynamic IP Internet routers Generally the old version of the router, click "Network parameters "--->"WAN port Settings "--->"WAN connection type mouth "Options: dynamic IP (some called on a router and otherAutomatic access ", "DHCP")--->Click "Save ".

general the new router, click "Commonly used Settings "--->"The Internet Settings "--->"Internet connection "Choose: automatically obtain IP address --->Click "Save ".Important:

(1), when the two router's LAN IP address at the same time, only need to modify the second router's IP address, as long as the guarantee of two router's LAN IP address, not in the same network segment.For example can be amended as:,,, etc., can be.

(2), modify the second after the IP address of the router, you need to use the IP address of the modified, to open a second router Settings interface.Need to enter in the browser: to reopen the second router Settings interface.

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