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A simple router installation steps

2018-02-05 17:22:52

stand-up router is only one network cable jack router, since there is only one hole, very suitable for one-to-one connection, simple and small, easy to use, simple below we indicate how to install it,

1, under the simple introduction, each icon and function, it is the overall appearance, 2 it is to lead the appearance, including

(1) Power: Power (2) the link/ACT: Ethernet indicator (3) COMM: communication indicator light (4) Online: Online lights (5) the pop-up button 6 SIM/UIM card: three later buy a SIM card slot


(1) main 3 g / 4 g antenna (2) Power supply interface (3) a serial port (4) the LAN port

2, SIM card installed

mobile phone SIM card to store the user id, telephone directories, network Settings, the information such as additional services.Gateway support 1.8 V / 3 V / 5 vsim card, SIM card interface socket using drawer SIM gets stuck, user can not open the case circumstances easily install the SIM card.

installation method:

in without access to electricity, with a needle tip pressure on SIM booth pop-up button, SIM card immediately pops up.SIM card set on the SIM card sets, and let the SIM card with metal contact on the side of and then put back the SIM card set of booth, pay attention to put the card back to booth, SIM card metal contact level of side down and then promote the booth.As shown in figure:

3, antenna installation of

will be ready for an antenna mounted on the jack, put antenna signal good location, pay attention to the power supply to the left for 3 g antenna

4, RJ45 - DB9F

gateways provide RS232 serial asynchronous communication interface, and USES the RJ45 implementation.Serial interface is mainly used for configuration control or configured to use DTU function.

com/line: RS232 serial asynchronous communication interface rj45-

DB9F transformation line signal connection is as follows:

5, DB9F serial communication interface signals are defined as follows:

6, connect the power supply, open the background management system, then can use with normal networks, at this point, simple installation steps completed

stand-up routing

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