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About Power Pairing and Related Settings TP-Link Power Cat and Extender Pairing Tutorial

2018-05-29 13:43:14

Before the power cat is installed and used, the power cat needs to be paired with the extender before it can be set. Since many friends have only used routers and have not used power cats, they do not know how to pair power cats. The following computer Pepsi net Xiaobian uses TP-Link power cats as examples to teach you how to pair power cats and extenders.

First, plug both the power cat and the power cat extender into the power outlet, as shown below.

2. After the power cat's router indicator is on, press the Config key. The indicator light will flash, as shown in the figure below.

3. Within two minutes, click on the Config button in the power cat extender as shown below.

After the expander presses the Config button, the indicator will flash, as shown below.

4. After approximately 30 seconds, the power cat and extender lights are all on, indicating that the power cat and extender have been paired successfully.

Other brands of electric cat matching methods are the same as the above method. Everyone needs to learn to do some sort of deduction. In general, electric cats and extenders can be connected by wires without the need for network cables, which is still very large. After the completion of the power cat pairing, the following can be connected to the line, Internet settings and wireless connections and other operations, the details can look at the following power cat setup tutorial.

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