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Affordable and easy to use, Mercury MR804 SOHO router price

2018-06-11 10:55:44

As an entry-level product, Mercury MR804 SOHO is designed with a white body shell, which is simple and elegant. MERCURY's logo is deeply imprinted in a white shell and is very eye-catching. The machine uses an ARM9-based processor and overall reliability has been improved. Achieve high-speed Internet access, convenient management SOHO, home users and small businesses. The current price is 39 yuan, interested friends can contact the following businesses.

Mercury Router

Security, Mercury MR804 has a built-in firewall that allows you to set up filtering rules for computers and websites flexibly. A built-in DHCP server allows static address assignment. It also supports MAC address filtering and domain name filtering. It can reduce intrusion of bad websites and ensure network protection. Reasonable use of resources; also has a plug and play, full Chinese Web configuration interface, user-friendly configuration wizard. Functional and practical operation is convenient.

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