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An introduction to a notebook as a wireless router

2018-01-03 17:45:03

now is an era of Internet, around us everywhere filled with wireless networks.And at home, and basically we all have a router, it can put the network spread into the wireless signal, so that we can use mobile phone connected to the Internet.But small make up to introduce today is how to put the laptop to make a router, such not only can save a fee, and also is the province.Is laptop do routers may signal intensity is not so strong, but more useful, let small make up to introduce you to the next.

laptop for router method a

. As an administrator to run the command prompt: shortcut: win + R→Input cmd→Press enter.

2. Enabled and set up a virtual WiFi card: run the command, then press enter.After return, there will be a: hosted network model has been set to allow.Has been successfully changed carrying the SSID of the network.Has been successfully managed network user key password changed.

3. The open network and sharing center/change adapter Settings, will Wireless network connection 2 Renamed wifi (optional).Open the broadband connection (of course, if you are not a broadband Internet access, open a corresponding adapter properties, such as: I am a local connection) attribute/Shared/check: allow with other networks, and then select the home network connection Settings for: wifi (if there is an error null, please open the firewall).

4. Continue to run at the command prompt: netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork directly after the cursor (inputs) and then press enter, if show, bearing, has launched the wifi setting success (if you don't succeed, please try to update the wireless card driver).

5. The next set up mobile Internet: first open wifi function, enter the password: 12345678 can be Shared online.

laptop for router method 2

1. Open after installation, first will pop up a message box in the message box choose the Use of Free Use the Free version.Don't choose other!

2. The software interface is English, interpretation is as follows: the Hotspot Offline refers to wi-fi hotspots in the Offline state, set the wifi Hotspot user Password set the wifi Password, if the Internet (1) use the cable broadband, in the drop-down box, select the local connection (2) if use wireless broadband, the drop-down box, select the wireless.Adwanced namely advanced Settings, here the content without having to manually, software by default.In this, wi-fi in the drop-down box by default for the wireless network connection, don't have to manually, SecurityMode safe mode drop-down box, namely the default Access Point choice, connected wpa2-psk mode, this mode can set the password, the safest.Ad Hoc, Open mode can't set the password, Ad Hoc, Web model is not very safe, is not recommended.Set up is completed, click StartHotspot start software.

3. Use after launch.Search the wifi available mobile phone or computer.After

(with Con nec tify set up wifi, there may be no Internet access, now try to change the following: share permissions of local connection to the wireless network 2: local connection - attributes Sharing "TAB Allowing other network users through the computer Internet connection to connect "In front of the check, the following Home network connection "Select the wireless network connection (or 2 is the name of your own), click on the following Set up "Check the services you want to share (can all off) - sure.

laptop for router method 3

bzeek to your wireless network card into a WiFi hotspot, let the other equipment connection, and can share with others, don't need a hardware version of the peremptory FON.

Bzeek is a global wireless network, the purpose of in Bzeek opinion, everyone has the right to make the Internet everywhere.In the home or the office, we can use the Internet at any time, but when you are outside, rarely found wi-fi hotspots, generally only in cafes, airports and other places, and largely or encryption.

bzeek and Connectify is very similar, is make wireless network card Wifi hotspot, and then let the other equipment.Is a rare but Connectify support devices, Intel's full range of network CARDS are excluded.Bzeek it is much easier to use, automatic installation, cannot choose installation directory, and the installation process can temporarily broken network (also in the process of unloading short broken network, should be in the process of the network card driver installation), without any set can be used directly after installation.

bzeek can choose to shut down hot, but not for its encryption;When you run Bzeek, you can invite your free to use your network or friends, and strangers can free use 1 hour, if you want to continue by Bzeek Shared wireless network to the Internet, you need to use such as SMS way and Bzeek pay a fee to you.If you don't pay, can see some Bzeek when browsing the web on the Google ads, but does not affect you to browse the web (serious shortcomings, everyone can use your network, your Internet connection).

Bzeek is not set and the local interface, only control whether to open the wifi hotspot, and its control end in Bzeek web pages, you can browse the link to your wifi devices, share the wifi to friends for free.In addition, how long will you share with friends the wireless network, it can be used in other places free Bzeek wireless network is the same time.

bzeek ideal is everyone to act out in less than the bandwidth of the contributions, to create a huge wifi community, let the wifi everywhere, I am willing to join to share the bandwidth, hope you are also willing to.Bzeek, of course, also want to good way to make money for you, a stranger with you provide wifi reach the limit, if you still want to continue to use, can charge money in to your account to continue to use, but others don't usually willing to pay for, but for someone you don't have the bandwidth, together to create a wifi community not is good thing.

introduced so much about how laptops do routers, I believe you about how to make the router has a general understanding of the.Actually laptops into the router is a more convenient method, we first of all, don't have to buy a router, but also can bring it with you.Here small make up to you said the three methods, including small make up recommend is to compare the third method, only need to download a software is ok, not so trouble, and speed is quick,

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