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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of server cluster technology

2018-01-11 10:15:57

in the last few years, I believe more and more people begin to hear "Cluster "This concept, and in fact, cluster technology began to increasingly has been applied in our real life.Computer server cluster technology, then, is a kind of what kind of technology, what are its advantages and disadvantages of all, it is to go along with the small make up understanding:

server cluster technology introduction

server cluster technology is simply to several servers together for a particular service, though the practice in many clients and the general server is no different from, in fact, due to the use of multiple servers in the same job, so its operation when the computer is also obtained a higher speed, this server cluster service for more than one computer for backup, so as to, also to avoid the risk of data loss.

1 server cluster technology advantage, cluster system can immediately get rid of all the server hardware failure, such as when one of the servers in the hardware failure such as motherboard, memory, the application of this server will automatically switch to another server.

2, cluster technology can solve the problem of many software systems, as long as one of the server application stopped running due to system problem, the rest of the server will " related;Take "This server is running program.

3, cluster technology can let the human to minimize the failure consequences.When the administrator accidentally after a server to stop operation, the cluster technology can monitor the whole process, by the administrator to find out the reason, to a new round of adjustment.

the cluster service technical shortcomings

as is known to all, the cluster service technology can only be again on a server, so when the cluster service on this server technology in the application of failure, other servers will restart detect and confirmation, backup server startup, three steps to take over the data sharing area, therefore in the process of switching server requires a certain amount of time, of course, the greater the application, the longer the time required to also.

for the moment, or a computer cluster service technology more advanced technology, availability and failover function is very powerful and is widely used in real life, how to build an advanced and practical computer cluster service, we can make use of relevant software, believe that as long as you go further study, and after each big website BBS of knowledge, a cluster of servers will be built soon!

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