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Android phone pictures stored in which file, Android phone picture storage location introduction

2018-01-15 13:51:02

many android mobile phone users will use mobile phones to record their life habit, because mobile phone storage space is limited, so every time you need to put the photos in the mobile phone or pictures on a PC.However, when we put on the android phone is connected to the computer, will find a lot of English document, so, android images stored in which document?


android default for android mobile phone photo after photo storage locations: / sdcard/DCIM/media or 100 / sdcard/DCIM/Camera Wen Gu clip inside, the sdcard, the SD card on the phone, for removable disk in the computer display, the other pictures are in the SD card a subfolder in DCIM directory, such as common in the Camera inside the DCIM file folders or 100 media folder, according to the late development of different brand android phones, folder name may not be the same, but must be in DCIM directory folder inside.


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