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Apply more affordable, D-Link, DIR-600 Wireless Router Hot Sale

2018-05-28 14:27:45

[Tianji.com, June 11, 2011] The era of popularization of wireless routers has become a general trend, and 150Mbps wireless network devices are highly valued by consumers. At present D-Link's DIR-600 wireless 150M router wins a lot of market with its pragmatic product design, excellent performance and competitive price. At present, Xinshangyi International System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. Quote is only 138 yuan, and interested friends may wish to pay attention!

D-LinkDIR-600 Wireless Router

This wireless router is a typical product of the 802.11N wireless standard. First of all, in the appearance, the black tone gives a calm atmosphere, and the lamp design is more user-friendly. The user can understand the status of the router in real time. The thick antenna can be disassembled, and it is sensitive in receiving and sending signals. It supports the UPnP standard and can realize high-speed Internet data transmission, file sharing, and printer sharing services.

The router setup website is worth mentioning is the machine's wireless security features, in addition to supporting the conventional WEP standards, it also supports the latest WPA and WPA2 encryption standards and uses Its built-in dual firewall mechanism prevents potential. WPS is also supported, as long as you press a button, you can quickly establish a secure wireless network. Supports free DDNS. Users can access home networks, virtual servers, DMZ hosts, and other port forwarding through Ethernet, making it easy to establish intranets.

As a mainstream 150M product, the DIR-600 is sufficient in performance to meet the networking needs of home users or small business users. The internal CD-ROM and corresponding software are convenient for users to set up, even if IT professional technicians According to the instructions, a wireless network can also be easily deployed, and a friend in need can contact the distributor.

[Product Model]D-Link DIR-600 Wireless Router

[Merchant Price] 138 yuan

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