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BT-LINK Router Setting Method in Various Broadband Modes

2018-05-29 10:05:32

Learn more about TP-LINK router setup. It is important for TP-LINK router users. TplinkRouter Settings. At home, learn LINK router setup methods. The mainstream broadband access modes are as follows: ADSL, compare tp-link. VDSL, FTTB + LAN dynamic IP + WEB certification, FTTB + LAN static IP + WEB certification, broadband Internet access. Many access schemes use routers to listen to st router settings. However, compared to different access methods, the TP-LINK router setting method is not very similar. As an example, the TP-LINK wide-leader with more compatibility is used today. >dlink router settings. Pay attention to the full-featured method of setting up routers in different broadband modes. Compare the methods.

1, ADSL: ADSL access is divided into ADSLMODEM and ADSLROUTER, in fact, a variety of broadband mode TP.

If it is ADSLROUTER, it is necessary to change its Internet access mode to RFC1483bridge and continue the TP-LINK router. Then log in to the WEB management interface of the TP-LINK router and use the “settings” to take the ADSL Dial-up Dialing method. Want to know the router. After the "Internet Account" and "Internet Access Password" provided by the service provider are filled in, the dlink router is set. Click on the next step may wish.

2. VDSL: The access settings are the same as for ADSL.

fast router password broadband. However, in some venues, you may encounter TPs and TPs in various broadband modes. But you can not open the page, then you need to log in TP-LINK router, network parameters in the WAN port settings, the value of the MTU smaller, the default is 1492.

3. FTTB+LAN dynamic IP+WEB authentication: LINK router setting method.

Login to the TP-LINK router's WEB management interface and router setup password. Select “Ethernet Broadband, Mode. Actively obtain the IP address (dynamic IP) from the network service provider (eg: Settings. China Telecom) through the “Setup Wizard”. After the setup is complete, check whether the WAN port can obtain the IP address under the operating mode. , get the words, and then output any URL in the IE address bar, for the link. The authentication dialog box pops up. Fill in the name and password provided by the network service provider.

4. FTTB+LAN static IP+WEB authentication:

Log in to the WEB management interface of TP-LINK router, select “Ethernet Broadband” via “Setup Wizard” and I heard how to set up the router Internet service providers (such as China Telecom) provide a solid IP address (static IP). After the setting is complete, you can enter any URL in the IE address field. The authentication dialog box will pop up and you will hear tp. Fill in the username and password provided by the network service provider. Various.

5. Broadband Internet Access:

Login to the TP-LINK router's WEB management interface. Select “Ethernet Broadband, Automatically from an Internet Service Provider (eg, China Telecom) via the “Setup Wizard”. Get the IP address (dynamic IP), after setting is complete, restart CABLEMODEM.

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