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Basic common sense: the role of the router, the switch, the cat and the different novice must be und

2018-02-05 11:56:19

We can hear when using a computer, switches and routers, routers we have seen and used, the switch does not know what it is, this article mainly to explain the difference between the two (limited to home routers, We use less than the corporate router, used will be used)

First summary of the difference between the router and the switch, the switch is not automatically dial the router

The first paragraph: cat

Second paragraph: router

The third paragraph: routing cat

Fourth paragraph: switch

The first paragraph: cat

Why cats, is Moden, broadband Internet modem

I am a light cat, no matter what kind of cat is a line into the device, and then out of this device out of a network cable, plugged into your computer, your computer can dial-up Internet access, some district or some Area has saved the cat with this step, give you a direct network cable, plug into the computer can dial directly

I use the AN5006-01 A (light cat), the optical fiber can be directly inserted into the computer network cable

There are three general internet situations

Second paragraph: router

As we all know, plug into the network cable, set a good dial, you can give more than one computer to share the network, the general router has two parts, WAN and LAN, WAN is used to dial, is to route itself A part of the Internet, LAN is used to exchange data in the LAN, with the role of the switch, our computer is inserted in the LAN port to access the Internet

Such as the computer plugged into the router to the Internet, WAN port through the Internet to send data to the LAN port, LAN port and then sent to the computer, the wireless router is how it works, the wireless part of the wireless router is generally LAN , So it is generally called WLAN, so he is the same with the LAN port function, which can be connected to the wireless router device to access the Internet, if the wireless part of the WAN, then the wireless can only be used when dialing, such as connecting CMCC, with the router rub Neighbor's WIFI

Why is it possible to get online by simply plugging in a route, because the route has a built-in DHCP server that automatically assigns IP to computers that use routing, so they plug in to access the Internet? Why do some people use the router will slow down, because the routing does not bring so much computer, an ordinary home routing with 20 computers, your 1000M cable still dropped, slow download, routing exchange performance is too low, the router Like a small computer, a CPU and memory components, CPU low, low exchange performance, slow data exchange, slow speed, there may be a problem with the router firmware, it is recommended to buy carefully choose the router

My Mercury Wired Router does not have wireless capabilities.

My Huawei HG255d modified version of the wireless router, OPENWRT firmware, you can dial the line, free speed upgrade

The third paragraph: routing cat

Routing cats are routers and cats that combine the power of both cats and routers.

I ZTE H618B, this is the wireless routing cat, and the ordinary router is no different, but in a cat environment, you can be a person when two roles

Fourth paragraph: switch

Finally to the switch, the switch simply, that is, can not dial the router, so understand it, he only LAN, no WAN, the switch is how the Internet?

any interface plug cables into the switch, plug into the computer switches of arbitrary interface, 2 plugged into the computer switches of arbitrary interface, so that two computers require dial to the Internet (is broadband connections, switches with no use router dialing method is the same), in this switch is used for data exchange

is not much said, I will see

draw two application examples of

my mercury eight switches

on the back of the mouth, is all the LAN port, no WAN port

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