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2018-01-25 14:47:01

server built environment has been a small white the nightmare, now we are completely free bevan networks treasure, without any limitation, through countless treasure is enlightened site space and database.Can quickly build good Windows server environment, and integrated the WebShell real-time detection, make your site from the Trojan virus.Site can quickly set up good treasure, PHP, ASP. NET script space, can also open the MySQL, MMSQL database, management is also particularly convenient.Described below under the site of the installation process.Some server opened may not install IIS, need to install the IIS, 2003 server to install the IIS process in detail, please see: Windows 2003 server installed IIS6.0 and IIS built-in FTP server graphic tutorials,

after install IIS and IIS built-in FTP, reinstall bevan networks treasure (bevan network website treasure to automatically install new version also supports IIS), bevan web site installation is very simple, treasure opens at download directly after installation.The first step in

second,in the third step 4

for the next step is to configure website treasure, the first is a key in the system configuration to install PHP and MySQL:

server environment a key installation, 

a key automatically installing PHP, MySQL, PAPMYADMIN, ASP upload component such as a WEB server environment.Enter the system Settings and then click the start the installation can be automatically install a WEB server running environment, install installs are and 5.3 two versions at the same time, and depending on the type of your server automatically download 32 or 64 bit MYSQL installation.

it is ok to start the installation, the installation process will be prompted to set up the MySQL password, set yourself a complex password to use documents preserved, so as not to forget in the future.After a key installed can add the site in site management.

 simply enter the FTP site quickly account set up a WEB site can be quickly, and at the same time establish a database and other advanced Settings.Building site of relational database can be built at the same time, the automatic installation of pseudo static components.In the advanced Settings can also set site support ASP, PHP script type and site restrictions such as CPU, memory, bandwidth.All site set up independent application pool and users, and set the directory permissions strictly, ensure the safety of the server.Click on the front of the site status icon can be fast start, shut down.Need to modify, or delete multiple sites at the same time, such as operation can drag the mouse to select multiple sites, also can hold down the Ctrl or Shift multi-select.

can also switch in advanced mode database management,

for MYSQL and MSSQL database to add, delete, and modify simple and clear.Can add, delete, modify the database.Click on the site belongs to the host ID can be rapidly selected associations.Drag the mouse to select multiple databases at the same time.

real-time monitoring site information to check the WEB site traffic, the number of connections, such as operation and server network bandwidth, real-time view the network bandwidth and site information, timely find fault sites and attack sites.Click on the site before the arrow can be quickly switch to site management.

WebShell real-time killing

treasure WebShell killing engine, support for real-time or manual killing various WebShell trojans.Super fast scanning speed, resource usage is extremely low, and can be custom Trojan feature codes.Using the most advanced, a site WebShell killing engine supports real-time or manual killing various WebShell trojans.Super fast scanning speed, low system resource usage at the same time, you can still add a Trojan suspicious files after signature or waiting for the Trojan library automatic updates.,

and very practical batch replacement function, make your batch replacement site source text in the very simple.  using physical server hardware temperature detecting users can view real-time CPU, hard disk temperature, fan speed, such as hardware information, find a server failure in advance.Physical server users may at any time to check the server CPU, hard disk temperature, usage and other information, make sure that the server and stable operation.Cloud hosting and VPS users can also see the information such as CPU, memory, hard disk usage.

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