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Broadband Router Setup Method Details

2018-06-01 13:44:10

In addition to the master switch, there are two filter function "default filter rules" to determine, what is the default filter rules? In the specific rules settings page, define some specific rules, to meet the conditions The data packet is controlled and processed. The "default rule" here is as its name suggests. What is limited in the case is that we do not refer to non-conforming data packets in our customized rules? This should not be difficult to understand;

A data packet, to comply with the rules we set, to meet the rules we set but at the same time must meet the default rules;

We can see the default filter rules, you can fill in Add a new entry; we configure a rule: a computer on the internal LAN with an IP address of, only let it log on to this site, and nothing else will work;

This rule can be read as: The intranet computer sends packets to the public network. The source IP address of the packet is the IP address of the computer, and the destination IP address of the packet is, which is the public IP address of the domain name. The wide area network Request because it is directed to the net , so the port number is 80; the rules are set well and can be clearly seen on the configured rules page. The effective time of the rule is 24 hours. The control object is the host with the IP address The port behind the LAN does not need to be filled in by default. The WAN IP address column is filled with the corresponding public IP address. The port number is 80 because of the website. The protocol generally selects ALL by default. Is it allowed to pass? Because the default rule is Packets that do not meet the set rules pass through the router, so packets that meet the set rules are allowed to pass, and the status of the rules takes effect.

If your rule involves the website, that is, the destination request port. If it is 80, then the corresponding port corresponding to port 53 should be considered to be allowed to pass, because 53 corresponds to the packet destined for the “domain name resolution server” and is used for the domain name (eg, IP address (eg, ) Corresponding, it must be opened!

Configure "IP address filtering rules" This function is used to achieve some of your purposes, the most important is to analyze all those controls to be done, and then choose what kind of default rules ? Configure how the filtering rules? If you are determined to understand the function of the real action, by careful and repeated experiments on the router, you will be able to fully grasp!

To do broadband router setup method on the You are introduced here and hope to help you understand and master the broadband router setup method.

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