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Broadband Connection Error 651 What is the reason? How to deal with it

2018-01-15 17:28:33

Show broadband connection error 651 when

dial-up dial-up what reason be? Show broadband connection error 651 when what reason be?

when using dial-up Internet access, often a failure when will appear all sorts of broadband connection error code hinting, one we can use these errors broadband connection errors found in broadband problem, is because the broadband connection error, below this article to share is a broadband connection error 651 troubleshooting methods.

broadband connection error 651 what do you mean


is one of the error code query disorder phenomenon of broadband Internet access, specific performance is nic or flashing light not on.In 651 was due to the user terminal is connected not with netcom office end as a result of: client reason (dial-up software, network card drive, usb cat drive, computer systems, adsl cats itself, after the household lines) netcom is responsible for the part (phone outside, office end equipment, equipment port), in most cases may be due to the external network break line, or equipment problems cause.

broadband connection error 651

a solution, contact your local network provider, telecom, unicom, tietong 10010 10010 10000, turn to human services, error 651 report said that the local broadband, there should be a professional solution for you later.

2, line not connected to plug the two joints to pull out of line, if the network cable break, best replacement cable.

three, Modem failure If to pull plug cable, card lamp was not lit, could be a problem with the Modem or network card.Incidence of the

four, system failure (smaller)

1, replace system files.The system in c: \\ Windows \\ system32 \\ drivers directory raspppoe. Sys file from a system can be normal dial-up a copy and replace.

2, file permissions.The system in C: \\ Windows \\ System32 \\ LogFiles \\ WMI directory administrator privileges, right-click on the WMI folder, then point "Get administrator privileges ", and if not, double-click directly.

3, some way is the nic driver.Due to the Windows 7 is a relatively new system, so in "The device manager "In the network card to uninstall, and then restart your computer, start Windows 7 will automatically install own driver.

4, manually card.In "The device manager "Find your card, and then click "Properties throughout the &;, find " again;Senior "TAB, found in the menu list "Speed and duplex ", set to "100 MB full duplex ".

5, restart the computer, to create a broadband connection, not fill in the user name and password, direct point connection, can appear error 691 tips, if prompt error 691, please enter user name and password can be accurate to solve

6, some users reaction, reduction or redo system only after the failure to disappear.

a practical solution to experience, suddenly suddenly appeared error 651

error 651 - may be a system failure, please follow the above solutions can be repaired.Error 651 general suddenly appeared, will not remain for long, can try dialing again wait for a period of time, if there is an error 678, you can dial telephone network provider, requirements for you to refresh the port.

(2) there is an error for a long time if you will often encounters an error 651 tips, or tip 651 is couldn't get on for several days, most likely is the network connection device.Please check the Internet cable Modem, or do you have any problems, and timely report to network providers, requires real-time query and solve this problem.Supplier telephone: telecommunications 10000, tietong 10050, unicom 10010 for maintenance.

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