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Broadband connection error 651 how to solve, broadband connection error 651 solution!

2018-01-12 13:55:26

with the coming of information age, computer phones already indispensable in People's Daily life.But we are in the process of operation using a computer, there will always be more or less.Computer, for example, in the process of connecting a broadband connection error 651 tips, then what should we do?To collect a series of solutions, the following hurriedly look together!

a, 651 how to solve the

1 broadband connection error, replace system files, the system of C: WindowsSystem32Drivers directory raspppoe. Sys file from a normal dial-up copy a Vista, if can't find can be downloaded directly.

2, manually card, first find a computer network card in the device manager, and then click "Properties throughout the &;And then find "Senior "TAB, found in the menu list "Speed and duplex ", set to "100 MB full duplex "After, can solve., there is a dial the service hotline

3, really not inquire about the specific reason, will teach you how to solve.In

4, file permissions, the system C: WindowsSystem32LogFilesWMI directory administrator privileges, right-click on the WMI folder, then point "Get administrator privileges ", if not, double-click to directly.

5, update the network card driver, because Windows 7 system is new, many old nic driver does not apply, so will cause the dial-up fault, here suggest that old nic driver uninstall first, and then use software to install the latest driver genius For Windows 7 version of the driver, and then restart your computer, start Windows 7 will automatically install own driver, can solve the problem.

(2) the routing of broadband connection error 651 could not obtain dns

first encounters an error 651, we should first make clear what is the cause of broadband error, open network and sharing center, click "Local connection ".

in the pop-up "Local connection "The dialog click "Diagnosis "Button.In

in a few minutes after diagnosis, appear as shown in the diagnosis.Finished

: to solve the problem if the diagnosis is that as a result, you are lucky, we continue to open the local connection "The dialog click "Properties throughout the &;Button.

in open "Local connection properties "Double-click the drop-down list "Version Internet protocol (TCP/IPV4) ".

in open "Version Internet protocol (TCP/IPV4) "The dialog to use the DNS server address "BackSpace"Key to empty, click ok button to connect the broadband network.Windows 7

broadband connection error 651 broadband connection error, as well as other Windows 651, all can refer to the above mentioned solution.In daily life, it is necessary to master some of the most basic computer knowledge, can be easy to solve some similar problems in

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