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Broadband unit and download speed is how to convert?

2018-01-19 09:22:42

usually we installed the 50 m and 100 m broadband, only to find the download speed is much less than this value, at this moment we are not doubt in his heart, don't put a fake broadband?Actually otherwise, this is because the operators use the bandwidth of the units and understanding when we download the speed of the unit is not the same, the concrete but also slowly to listen to the small make up for everybody!

speed unit

broadband company said is commonly in bits per second (bit), and 20 m wide say, 20 m refers to the transmission speed can reach 20 mbit/s.And we usually download speed is

in bytes (Byte) calculations per second.

and the conversion relation of the two is: 1 Byte = 8 bit


1 b = 8 b -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 b/s = 8 b/s (

1 KB or 1 BPS = 8 BPS) = 1024 b -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 KB/s = 1024 b/s

1MB = 1024 KB -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 MB/s = 1024 KB/s

broadband speed conversion

in our online application, download the video or other documents, often see the download speed is shown as 128 KBps (KB/s), the KBps (KB/s) is mentioned above we bytes (Byte), and we also said above, broadband companies use the unit is a bit (bit), so here we are going to download speed is obtained by unit conversion to the actual value.Conversion formula is:

KB/s = 128 & 128 times;8 (Kb/s) = 1024 Kb/s = 1 MB/s or 128 Kb/s = 1 MB/s.

then we normally use broadband can achieve fast download speed?

we will telecom broadband bandwidth of existing popular and practical to do a consolidation of the download speed comparison:

broadband bandwidth of 20 MB, download speeds up to 2.50 MB/s, upload speed is 1.00 MB/s;

broadband bandwidth for 50 MB, download speeds up to 6.25 MB/s, upload speed is 1.50 MB/s;Bandwidth is 100 MB,

broadband download speed up to 12.8 MB/s, upload speed is 2.00 MB/s.Above

for the theoretical value and practical application, may be because you browse the website server resources itself, home of the router's transmission rate and other factors have influence, you can use at ordinary times telecom special speed test log page (click here to speed), as long as the value not too much difference belongs to the normal range.

our daily behavior of using the Internet need more high speed?You can refer to the following table:

hope you read this article, can be provided by the broadband operators broadband bandwidth can reach speeds of more than how to have a specific concept, when reporting to choose appropriate own broadband package a lot.

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