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Camera remote monitoring steps and cell phone remote monitoring camera settings [graphic tutorial]

2018-01-12 12:33:12

is a lot of people want to install a camera in his own house, but do not set the camera Remote monitoring.When we have the valuables in the home, the old old man and the child, or when we travel, all must be in the home to install a camera remote monitoring system.It can help us to watch home anytime and anywhere, anyone into, we are able to capture.So, to learn how to set up camera remote monitoring system.


camera, computer, cable, router.

installation steps

1, first of all, we must first understand the camera above what configuration: microphone, infrared induction lamp, wifi fairy, work lights, wide Angle lens, the led lamp.These configurations are at the time of use have their own distinct features.

2, first of all, we need to install the router on the computer, after debugging, we use the camera and cables.First of all, will be a slot on the router Internet line, another place on camera, and then connect the power supply.

3 this time, we will open the computer, the background of cameras to open, click "Wireless capabilities ", and then select "Connect wireless router apparatus "And then we click "Identify ", that means the installation was successful.


mobile phone remote surveillance cameras set method, first of all, we need to find a corresponding network remote monitoring system of mobile phone system, client and installed on a mobile phone.

2, login network remote monitoring system of the client, and click on the icon "Add equipment ", enter the home network monitoring camera user name and password.

3, left click "Save ".

4, this time, we can open "Equipment list "On top of that page, it shows us the name of the remote surveillance cameras.We then need to click on the device name, and then click at the top of the channel icon, this time, it has successfully connected to the video monitoring, later will be able to successfully use it.

if you home warm prompt network camera user name and password after the change, you will need to be inside the phone enter the new password and user name.As long as find "Add equipment "This page, and then click "Senior ", you can change, and then save.

to achieve the purpose of camera remote monitoring, first we need to install cameras in the location of the need to monitor, then through the computer for monitoring authority, will be the IP address of the location and the user name and password, you can, is very simple?Warm reminder, if you are involved in place is not your home, is in violation of the law well, remember that others monitor movements.The above methods, facilitate remote monitoring at home when we don't, simple and convenient.

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