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Can not enter page settings how to do

2018-01-19 17:41:57
Cannot enter page setup there may be several reasons:
(1) not in accordance with the first step in plug wire line sketch way, or there is something wrong with the Internet;
people often use cable to the router and computer,
(2) full, IE need to be cleared;
this happens less, but there are still, open the IE (web page), click "Tools "--Choose Internet options click each
"Delete cookies"Throughout the &;Deleting files ""Clear throughout history &;

(3) automatic computer IP address is not set, or is designated as 192.168.1. * outside address was
in general, please set the IP address to automatically, right-click the "Online neighbors "Point "Properties throughout the &;In

right-click "Local connection "Point "Properties throughout the &;In

the drop-down hovering your cursor over the "Internet protocol (TCP/IP) "A bar and orders "Properties throughout the &;Button.

, as shown in the figure to "Automatic access "Can.

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