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Can not find broadband connection how to do?

2018-01-23 11:10:49

a friend encountered this kind of situation, found that after reshipment system after click desktop broadband connection prompt "Can't find the broadband connection "So this is how to return a responsibility?How to solve?The following is to make a brief introduction.

1: can't find the cause of the broadband connection, create a dial-up broadband connection did not create good, network are disabled,


2 card failure or network adapter driver is installed and

can't find the solution of the broadband connection methods:

solution is also very simple, first of all, you enter the computer device manager, check whether the network card driver installation is normal, at the same time to see if the network card is disabled, right click "Computer "Select "Management "Then choose "The device manager ", under normal circumstances, in the device manager, the following graph:

as shown above, is shown as normal card, if the driver is not installed or is disabled, the front after the yellow exclamation mark or disable red slash is easy to see that if it is driver problem, so suggest you according to your own card type to another computer to download the corresponding drive, and then copied installation;If the card is disabled, then right click on the enable.

if the device manager to check everything is normal, so may not create good broadband connections, suggest to delete the original, to create a broadband connection, as follows: after

into the control panel, select "Network and Internet network and sharing center ", we can see with the visual view of the interface.In this interface, we can through the visualization of map to understand to their network status, of course, more important is here can undertake all kinds of network related Settings.Also in

"Network and sharing center "Interface, "Change your network Settings "The & in the otherNew connection wizard "And then in "Set the connection or network "Interface "Connect to the Internet".Is more than

about can't find the cause of the broadband connection and the solution, if a friend encountered this kind of situation, can be in accordance with the above introduction to try to solve, hope to be of help.

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