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Canon 550D how to test a wide range of dynamic range and level control performance

2018-01-11 17:38:13


d test degree of wide dynamic range and hierarchical control performance method is as follows:

dynamic range refers to the image can reproduce your subject within the scope of light and shade difference.Dynamic range is wider, big difference images of light and shade of your subject is not easy to happen also highlights overflow and absence of shadow.In addition, will also test the Canon 550 d in use can control the level of automatic brightness optimization (ALO), and the dynamic range of highlights tonal give priority to function.

alo: disable/specular color priority: disable grade 7 2/3

dynamic range as 7 grades 2/3, centering on the basic value, can represent the specular level 3 2/3, shadow for grade 4 level.Specular highlights the overflow was suppressed, and the middle of transition layers is better also.

alo: standard/specular color priority: disable grade 7 2/3

automatic brightness optimization can be adjusted according to your subject and shade difference function.Therefore, taken from this chart, no obvious level changes.Dynamic range and no change.

alo: disable/specular color priority: enable level 8 2/3

+ 2 level in the center of the highlights of basic value as can see the level of change, dynamic range extended to 4 2/3.Eventually play and the superior model close to the dynamic range of performance, has reached the level 8 2/3.

test method: using dynamic range test pieces tested

dynamic range test piece is in accordance with the camera's exposure to a third level, for the unit is made of 10 film of poor light and shade.Taken the test piece, and in the middle of the RGB luminance (RGB = 118) as a benchmark, measurement highlights and shadow can reproduce several grade levels.In addition, because cannot be used at the same time automatic brightness optimization and highlights tonal give priority to, respectively, using a variety of Settings took 5 groups of images.

will observe the effect of the automatic brightness optimization and highlights tonal give priority to

set up automatic optimization and specular color brightness is preferred.When using automatic brightness optimization for filming, regardless of the setting for strong, standard, or weak, only the picture in the shadow was carry bright prospects.In fact, automatic brightness optimization has not really extend the dynamic range, but through tone curve of level adjustment to optimize image effect.By enabling the highlight, on the other hand, tonal give priority to, highlights the dynamic range of the increased level 1, so close to the reproducibility of specular highlights of overflow level improved.And the overall image contrast is not affected, still has good contrast.


d realized compares the dynamic range of the superior model in

through the measurement of dynamic range test films, can learn the dynamic range of the Canon 550 d by default for grade 7 2/3, when enabled highlights tonal give priority to, can achieve comparable performance superior camera, LVL 8 2/3.Although compared with the narrow dynamic range, wide dynamic range is advantageous, but Canon 550 d existing dynamic range is enough.Degree of wide dynamic range is very important, but how to control the Canon 550 d level features, also will produce a great impact on the overall impression of image.

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