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Can't Enter Router Configuration Screen

2018-06-25 14:40:50

Unable to enter the D-LinkDI-604 router configuration screen under WindowsXP. How can I troubleshoot this?

How to enter the Router settings Unable to enter the router configuration screen is divided into two situations First, improperly configured network card parameters. That is, the IP address of the network card is within the setting range specified by the D-LinkDI-604 router. If it is not natural that you cannot enter the configuration page, you need to set it according to the router's specifications in the "Local Area Connection" TCP/IP Properties.

The second is that the D-LinkDI-604 router's panel light, WAN, and PORT lights are all normal when the network card is set up correctly, but they still cannot enter the configuration screen. At this point, only by following the steps below, try to restore the router to the factory default to see if it can solve the problem. First, insert a pin into the Reset hole on the back panel of the DI-604 and do not release it. Then remove the DI-604's power cord and plug it back in. After the power is turned on, you will see the lights on the front panel 1, 2, 3, and 4 light up (about 6 seconds), immediately release the pin, and the factory default value can be restored when the light is displayed normally. At this point, follow the router's instructions to enter the router's management page.

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