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Changhong TV how to connect the wireless network, Changhong TV network link method [graphic explanat

2018-01-11 09:46:15

with the rising of TV technology, now a lot of television are bringing Internet TV function, but there are our own need to set the wireless network.Television, however, there are many ways to connect wireless network, and each brand models of TV will have different ways of connection, the following is changhong TV, for example, it said changhong TV how to connect wireless network:

1, determine your TV set is a built-in WIFI, changhong smart TV is only a 7000 series is a built-in, other all need to purchase a wireless WIFI receiver, cheap, 40 yuan.

2, the wireless router to WIFI, then open your wireless TV receivers, will automatically search.

3, television operation: the machine Settings - network Settings - connect Internet way to "Wireless network ", you can search!

4, router, set the password for the account you remember well, search will show you to account, enter the wireless router password can connect.

5, with broadband line connected to the TV, click menu to select network Settings, with the remote control to automatically obtain the IP, and then return to find music education input user name registered 0, password 0 click OK and try it yourself.

concrete steps as follows: the first step in

a plug card into TV USB interface;

the second step, press menu button, a menu interface.

the third step, according to determine, in order to appear the interface for music education;

the fourth step, click on the network Settings;Step 5,

in the network Settings, choose wireless WIFI;After step 6,

into wireless WIFI, appear search interface;Step 7,

shows the available network;Step 8

select a network and enter the password.

wireless network connection on the abnormal problem of changhong TV:

(1) check whether the wireless adapter is supported;

(2) wireless router Settings are correct;

(3) wireless encryption type is correct;

(4) the IP address, gateway parameter Settings is correct;

(5) wireless router and network TV distance too far or a wall keep out.

note: if you can't get IP address, you can cancel the wireless router encryption, after a successful change other encryption methods to try.

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