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Characteristics and use of optical fiber switches

2017-12-29 10:08:23

"guide" the era of network development is inseparable from the server, network is composed of a number of servers, so to speak.We're mostly is the application of information and data from the server.So it caused some hacker, in the form of attacks on the server to get some illegal information and data.DDos attack is such a kind of hacking.Here small make up to you to introduce the basic principle of this attack.

through continuous summary, we found that the server of some of the attack, the DDoS attack is a very troublesome.Simple DDos is a distributed denial of service, the attack through the use of the service lead to large server group will not be able to provide any services.

due to the continuous development of the Internet, which lead to DDOS hacking tools also in constant development.So we get the conclusion that DDOS attacks are becoming more and more easily, thus, this type of attack appeared obvious rise.This is for large IDC hosting rooms or commercial room, and even some big game server cluster has great influence.Its destructive power is self-evident, like the zombie host problems appear constantly.

this distributed denial of service attacks as long as the person up, the victim host will hit from such as a flood of.Such shocks will cover legal user network packets, and there is no way and eventually led to the server for unicom or access to resources.So this type of attack is known as the flood.We usually see DDOS attacks are mainly YNFlood, TCPFlood and ProxyFloor!And so on.

because of the expansion of modern computer processing power is constantly, memory is unceasing increase, so the DDoS attack has also been a blow.In other words, accept ability strong of compromised computers, and adaptable, so this attack also becomes no value.For example, hackers sent 3000 such attacks per second package, and we suffer host wonderful can handle 10000 corresponding attack packets, it is conceivable that such an attack becomes very not value.

in our study, we also found that once suffered DDoS attacks compromised computers will have the following symptoms:

1, victimized hosts will produce a large number of wait for TCP connection phenomenon.For example, could have dozens of IE browser Windows open, but now open the I ~ 2 is difficult.

2, again in the network will produce a large number of useless packets.For example, we don't use the network, but switch the corresponding data lights blinking frequency.

through the simple introduction face DDos attacks on the server, believe that friends are generally understand the principle of the attack.Network is constantly changing, all kinds of server program types are also in constant change and upgrade.In the struggle with these malicious software at the same time, we also should constantly strengthen their server security.This can get rid of trouble are always present at source.

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