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China Telecom WiFi broadband use

2018-01-22 13:56:45

a, use login authentication in

for the first time successfully connect wifi, the phone automatically pop up wi-fi broadband Internet access authentication Portal home page, login authentication steps: (1) in "Please enter the phone number "Box, enter the phone number (2) click "Get verification code "Button, the system will send a message authentication code, (3) in "Please enter the verification code "Enter the code box, (4) the last click "Login "Button, the operation schematic diagram is as follows: login success page is as follows:


if you want to disconnect network without Internet can use the following one of two ways:

(1) the login success page click "Disconnect "Button, click in the message "Disconnect "Realize the broken network.

(2) from the system issued by offline messages, click on the broken network link broken network.

(3) the follow-up using direct access to the Internet in

certification after logging in for the first time, subsequent use without having to make certification, can click on the direct access to the Internet page "Connection "Button to achieve direct access to the Internet.

2, using the Internet

1, authentication login

in apple's APP Store download "Telecom broadband "APP, open the APP, enter the phone number, if is physical user authentication, the password login and password for 189 E-mail password.If non physical authenticated user, set the password and then click the register first, then log back in.

1.1 from dense login: open the APP, enter the login page, avoid close login is to use the machine number to log in, users need to open the mobile network (in the case of connect wifi do this also need to open the mobile network) to avoid close the login operation to be successful.Non physical authenticated user can also be used directly without login, avoid close login will help users registered automatically.Physical user login operation schematic


1.3 the physical user registration map: after

2, Internet access, web

2.1, guide

login into the web page, click "Throughout the Internet &;Button to connect to the Internet, if the connection is light cat wifi, directly to the Internet, or android phone will jump wifi selection page, apple will jump to connect wifi page, select and after the wifi connection light cat, on the portal & click on the upper right corner in the otherComplete "Button, and then back to the APP to get to the Internet page, click on the Internet.Online operation schematic diagram is as follows:

2.2 automatic Internet

click automatic Internet selection box, and click the confirm button at the popup tooltip opens automatically on the Internet.Open automatically after the success of the Internet, every time into the web page if detected cat WiFi is light, the current connection will automatically online certification (effect and 2.1 click "Throughout the Internet &;Button).

3,in a successful Internet page, click "Close the Internet "Off button realize network: in

4, set up the account

APP down to the bottom of the page, click to enter "Throughout my &;Page, click on my page "Sharing time ", in a Shared page long click "New "In the binding validation page enter the phone number and verification code, click "Identify "Achieve set account.Only use master account login phone number is set to share the length function.Operation schematic diagram is as follows:

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