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Cisco 200 Series Switch Reviews

2018-06-01 10:32:53

Disable Power Consumption After Saving Energy (click to enlarge)

Do not underestimate this 0.98W when the device is loaded year-round and devices like Cisco SG200-50 are in a company Many stations may be used internally, targeting a large user group for SMEs, and the power savings are still considerable.

Cisco SG200-50 Switch

As An intelligent network switching device, the SG200-50 switch adhering to a solid rigorous style of Cisco, excellent performance, rich management, safety and green energy also have a good performance, all Gigabit multi-interface provides users with more flexibility Network solutions.

Of course, Cisco, as a cultivator of the Internet market, has also been focusing on product development. There are many future elements added to the 200 series switch. For example, all switches support the IPv6 standard to meet the needs of service providers; Jumbo Frames (10K) are supported; LANs that require large amounts of data transmission are used; in addition to granular applications such as speed, storm, and IGMP snooping. , subtly enhanced the vitality of the 200 series switches.

The performance and quality of the Cisco 200 Series switches have met the needs of the vast majority of SMBs, whether it is high-speed terminal and server connectivity or the need to integrate data, voice, video and wireless services. With an all-in-one solution, Cisco 200 series switches can meet your needs. The economical, practical, intelligent, superior performance, reliable security, and green and energy-saving features make the Cisco 200 Series Switches even more star-like in network applications. Efficient deployment and worry-free management allow users to devote more time and effort to business development. In the face of a large domestic SME market, it is believed that the Cisco 200 Series switches will have much to offer.

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