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Cisco certification: The password for restoring the factory settings of the router cannot be opened

2018-08-06 09:11:06

Blackened? It does not matter, restore the router factory settings can be

We were hackers when the Internet changed the router password, leading us to not be able to successfully connect to the network, in fact, although the router password was changed, but can not find it, but we can pass below The method resets the new router password. Each route should have a default password.

In addition to the existence of a universal password or login cracking vulnerability in wireless routers of a few vendors, it is not possible to restore the router password under the premise of saving the current setting parameters if the parameter configuration file has not been saved before. of. To be able to log in to the wireless router again, you must clear all previous configurations, ie restore the factory-set password for the router.

How to set the password on the router How to restore the default factory password?

Restore the factory settings of the router Step 1: Connect the power to the wireless router and check the device panel.

Restore the factory settings of the router. Step 2: Generally, we will see a small hole on the back panel of the device. There will be a word like reset on the top of the hole. This is the reset button. Find a needle (normal ballpoint pen is also available) directly into the hole and hold it for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Restore the factory settings of the router Step 3: After the operation is completed, we can use the default password of the wireless router to log in again after powering on again. Only the original parameter setting information will disappear and the factory settings of the router will be restored. After the router returns to the factory state. As for the default administrator account information and password in the end can be found in the product specification. Below are some common wireless router passwords and account information to help you find out.

tp-link--username admin, password admin

Digital China--username is adsl, password is adsl1234

Huawei--username and password All are admin

Star--username:user password:password or username:root password:grouter

dd-wrt--username:root password:admin p>

moto--username:admin password:motorola

emma--username:admin password:admin username:szimpassword:szim.

recovery router The steps to recover the original password from the factory settings are as simple as that, so come and implement it.

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