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Cisco router how to set up, Cisco router settings tutorial

2018-02-28 15:44:06

cisco routers can say both in terms of product quality and performance is very excellent, and in the consumers' reputation has been very good.But there are a lot of consumers when using the cisco router doesn't know how to set, let below small make up method to teach people the cisco router Settings.

cisco router Settings tutorial

. First of all, we need to put our cat with cisco routers and light wiring is good, the order of connection is telephone lines, light cat, router and computer, if there is no binding telephone can not connect telephone lines.Will connect the router's Ethernet cable plugged into the cat on the WAN port of light, the other four pins are used to plug cable connected to the computer.

2. Then, open the online neighbors on our computer, find a local connection, open the local connection of TCP, IP, the IP address of a modified to 192.168.1. X, X can have arbitrary number of 2 to 225 oh, gateway set to, DNS server can fill out after consulting netcom ADSL operators.

3. Next, open the ie browser in our computer, enter the login address of the cisco routers, most of them are, we can see the router at the bottom of the label on nameplate to confirm cisco routers landing address.

4. At that time, will pop up a new interface, on the screen, respectively in the user name and password input account and password in the two columns, account and password are admin by default, confirm to enter.

5. After entering, we need to find in the cisco router Settings screen on the left side of the network configuration, and then click enter.

6..Choose the outer net set in the dropdown, select PPPoE dial mode, where the input account password input broadband Internet access account and password.After the completion of the set, remember to click save.

7. Select network Settings, sometimes may also be called LAN port Settings interface, set the LAN port network IP, generally use the router to the default, set up is completed, click save.

8. Select the DHCP service, choose open DHCP, specify DHCP automatically assign IP address range, set up is completed, click save.If is the wireless router, also need to enter without line management, open wireless, then the user name and password for your wireless network Settings.

9. It'll be to cisco router Settings for finished, only need to restart our computer can be used.Is more than

small make up teach you method of cisco router Settings: oh, is very simple, actually the cisco router Settings is not so complicated, only need to master certain method can the mistresses?Hope small make up today to bring us the cisco router Settings tutorial to help you.

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