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Cisco router password recovery process

2018-06-01 14:12:43

First, you need to insert the serial cable into the console port on the back of the device, and the other end on the serial port of the ordinary computer. After the router or switch is powered on, the operating system uses the HyperTerminal program.

Router Password 1. Start the router and perform an interrupt.

When the router restarts, press the Ctrl+Break button on the computer to interrupt the router startup.

2. Modify the configuration register.

2600 series, the command is Config-register0x2142

2500 series, the command is o/r0x2142

3. Reload the router and enter the mode.

2600 series: Enter reset

2500 series: Input I

Here, will ask whether you want to use the setting mode, answer No, press enter to enter the user Mode, enter the Enable command to enter the mode.

4. View and modify the configuration.

The startup-config needs to be copied as a running-config file.

Command: copystartup-configrunning-config.

Use enablesecret again to set the encrypted password.



5. Reset the configuration register and overload the router.

After changing the password, be sure to use config-register to set the configuration register back to the default config-register0x2102, and finally save the configuration copyrunning-config

startup-config and reload it. Router, password recovery is over.

@@ Note that the second and fifth commands are not sequential.

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