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Cisco routing fault how to fully detect

2018-01-15 10:21:14

the first level fault detection interface in "The UP/UP"State?

display the

IP interface ATM interface situation display port (5000) 5000

MAC (CAT) 5000

commonly used interface failure detection: show controllers.

connections which one end is DCE, DTE is which end?

show CDP neighbor.

shot relay fault detection routers communicate with shot relay switch is correct?

show frame PVC display DLCI whether active supported?

routers send packet?(debug frame packet/show frame PVC (grouped into/grouping out)

your shot relay grouping the statement is correct?(show frame-relay map)

实验环境最受欢迎的祯中继故障检测工具:debug frame packet.

2. ISDN/DDR故障检测


Show isdn status

Debug isdn q921

Debug isdn q931

最受欢迎的ISDN故障检测工具,debug isdn q931



Show dialer

Show dialer map

Debug dialer packet

Debug dialer events

记住——When the suspect, keep the dialing list configuration as simple as possible.

isdn call if there is something wrong?

the debug isdn q931

Q931 information generated by the calling party is?

what is Q931 information generated by the called party?

one of the most popular DDR fault detection tools ebug dialer packet.

PPP authoritative attestation is normal?

the debug PPP authentication

3. Catalyst 5000 fault detection port

show whether activation port

port through shot?

clear counter

show MAC module/port

CAM table to see if there is a specific MAC address?

show port

Show mac

Show CAM dynamic

Show vlan

Show trunk

Show spantree


show ATM interface ATM fault detection status

Show ATM ilmi

Show ATM vc

5. ATM emulated LAN

LANE, LANE fault detection device is correctly set up all the management and control of VC?

show lane default

Show lane client

Show lane database

Show lane le - arp

Debug lane client all

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secondary fault detection

IP address assigned to a particular router interface IP address?

the show IP interface brief

directly connected neighbors interface IP address is what?

show CDP neighbor detail

can you ping's own interface?

2. Specific router forwarding IP packet

ping, ping/extended ping)


debug IP packet with the right router interface left?

if the debug IP packet display "Unroutable"Information, and check the routing table (the show IP route)

if the debug IP packe display "Encap failed"Support information, check the IP packet forwarding process of a specific interface.If

"Encap failed"Information appears in more than one access interface, such as Ethernet or token ring, use the debug arp ensure normal arp process.If

"Encap failed"Information in a multiple access radio interface, such as shot relay or ATM, use the debug shot grouping or debug ATM group to ensure that the group is mapped to the destination address.If

"Encap failed"Appear on the exchange links, such as ISDN/DDR connection, make the debug q931 to ensure that the caller is set up correctly, check the dial are grouped to ensure that the business flow has been defined as "Interested "Authority, or check the PPP authentication to ensure the authority of the PPP authentication has been correctly generated.

if the debug IP packet display only sending information, are all IP forwarding on the router correct operation.Check all the intermediate router or routing the return path of business flow.


IP routing IP routing update information whether the correct prefix to send out the correct interface?

you are on the correct interface receive correct routing updates?

the debug IP rip

Debug IP igrp transactions

Debug IP igrp events

Debug IP eigrp

4. Tracking the path of the packet via the Internet

traceroute (standard traceroute/extened traceroute)

5. Participates in the OSPF process OSPF

each interface activation of OSPF?

show Ip ospf interface

OSPF neighbor relationships between form the correct?

show IP ospf neighbor

OSPF adjacent to form the correct?

6. NBMA networks OSPF

whether there is a different interface combination (physical, point to point interface and more ideas interface), the presence of interface does not match?

7. DDR

OSPF Hello packet infinitely keep interface is active?

8. IP routing group before dispatching

activates the appropriate routing protocol error detection tool, confirm the routing through right before dispatching process.

in the process of routing redistribution exist FLSM/VLSM conflict?


IP protocols

Clear IP ospf redistribution

third level fault detection of BGP neighbor relations formed?

show IP BGP summary

BGP network has been in the announcement?

is circular network in BGP routers IGP in the table?

show IP route

IBGP routers can ping to broadcast the next hop address?

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