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Clever settings, Internet devices turned WiFi wireless router

2018-06-25 11:02:46

[IT168 application] We all know that to achieve wireless network sharing, you have to have a wireless router. If you don't have a wireless router around, what should you do? Now let's introduce a method to make Internet devices become WIFI wireless routers.

First, with Win7 virtual WiFi features, notebooks turned wireless routers

In many, such as hotels, hotels, at least there is a network, then at least one notebook is Can go online. Then, use a laptop with Internet access to share its WiFi signal as a wireless router to share Internet access with multiple devices.

I recommend Windows 7, its setting is the easiest. Under the premise of having access to the Internet, enter the "Network and Sharing Center" and select "Set up a new connection or network" → "Set up a wireless temporary (computer to computer) network", select all the way according to the situation, in the last dialog box At the same time select the "Share this connection" button, you can set up a WiFi sharing network.

Here, teach the master an efficient "manual input method", log in as an administrator, press the Win + R key combination to open the run bar, type cmd into the DOS control interface, and enter: Netshwlansethostednetworkmode=allowssid=“Win7APWOW!” key=wifimima command, among them:

Wireless Router settings wifimode: Whether to enable the virtual Wifi network card, access allowed in the Internet, and disallow To disable, the virtual network card disappears.

ssid: Specifies the name of the wireless network, preferably in English.

key: Specifies the password for the wireless network. This password is used for secure WPA2 encryption of the wireless network and can be well protected from the Internet.

Next to the network sharing function, use the "netshwlanstarthostednetwork" command wireless network.

Tip: If you encounter an Android phone or tablet that cannot find the shared signal, you can try professional wireless sharing software such as Maryfi, ApWiFi, Bzeek, ​​Connectify.

Second, mobile phones (tablets) turned wireless hotspots

If there is neither a 3G wireless router nor a laptop, there are just a lot of phones or tablets that want to go online. Then, as long as there is an iOS or Android device, even a Windows Phone system device can be accessed via the operator's mobile phone network, it can make it a wireless hotspot. By installing related software on it, a mobile phone or tablet can be used as a wireless router, so that other devices can share their WiFi signals online.

Tip: iOS system can be implemented by "MyWi", Android system can be realized by "aNetshare", WindowsPhone system can be via "PDANET", other mobile systems (such as Blackberry, Palm), can search PDANET accordingly Version to achieve.

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