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Cleverly set Win7, notebook can also be turned into wireless routing

2018-05-30 14:18:14

Reading: Seeing 51 is approaching, but it has been light rain, which makes Xiaobian's mood is very awkward. But there is something more worrying than raining. May 1 was assigned to go on business trips with colleagues to report on the exhibition. This requires the use of Win7 for office work, but generally chain hotels are only one cable, how can we give Two people use it? Ever since, Xiao Bian's little hand reached out to his colleague Xiao Bai and wanted to borrow him from a router for business trips. However,... Xiao Bai actually said that he wouldn't use it, saying that Win7 can be used as a router to share network resources. This is not, colleagues Xiao Bai has already demonstrated the steps of the operation for Xiao Bian.

Notebooks change the premise of wireless router notebooks change AP is that you are in the room or place need to provide broadband connection, and your laptop must have a wireless network card. If these two conditions are met, even if there are no auxiliary devices such as routers/wireless APs, the problem of sharing Internet access by multiple laptops can be easily solved.

The principle of using the notebook to change the AP is to implement the wireless network sharing via the wireless network card. The principle is very simple. We use the interconnection function of the PC/notebook wireless network card to establish an Ad-Hoc network to realize the PC/notebook. Point-to-point or point-to-multiple connections. In this way, we can achieve resource sharing, file transfer, game play, and sharing Internet access without switch/router/AP.

First of all, plug in the network cable, open the Windows 7 system, set up a "local connection" IP address, notebook A can access the Internet.

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