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Cloud computing trends in the end how

2018-03-03 14:44:09

today, the information through the world, cloud computing is popular all over the world.Although at ordinary times in life we often hear the word cloud computing, but you have know more about it?And the future will be how this role in society, how to play the role?Today, you follow me let's take a look at the future development trend of cloud computing.

first of all, what is cloud computing?It is a kind of based on the resources of the Internet, including the increase of the related services, the use and delivery.It has powerful computing ability, the user can access and through a variety of ways according to their requirements in terms of cloud computing, make resources can provide quickly.

cloud computing enables computing power like commodities circulation and convenience to our life, and its price is low, but it is the channels for transport via the Internet.It has the following features.First of all, has a very large scale.Many enterprises have hundreds of millions of servers, provide users with the super computing power.Second, virtualization.It only need a computer, and a mobile phone can through the network to meet our requirements.Third, with high reliability."Cloud "With multi-purpose data and measures to ensure its reliability.Fourth, the versatility.In "Cloud "Under the support of, it can support the operation of a variety of different applications.Fifth, with high extensibility.Dynamic scale, can meet the needs of the user scale growth.Sixth, on-demand services.It is a large pool of resources, convenient we buy as needed.Seventh, extremely cheap.Its versatility makes it resource utilization is greatly increased, users can fully enjoy the low cost.Eighth, potentially dangerous."Cloud "At the same time provide the storage service, which is sensitive to the enterprises and government is dangerous.In private, there are information security problems.

cloud computing to the software development and software testing also had an impact.It requires that the software development and testing of more adapted to the cloud, and combine with them.Adapt to the dynamic changes and meet the demand of the use of a large number of users and improve security.

the development trend of cloud computing?

first, expand the investment value.Cloud computing to help enterprise operating and optimize its investment scale, brings to the enterprise ideas and business opportunities.Second,

hybrid computer.Companies use it to complement its own infrastructure and application, will greatly optimize the business process.

the third to "Cloud "As the center of design.The expansion of the computer will make more and more organizations design of different industries.Fourth,

mobile cloud services.Mobile devices increase, more and more platform will be able to become the mobile cloud services.

the fifth, cloud security.As more and more users, their personal data security threat, in the future, the related security technology and the agreement will gradually emerge.

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