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Company LAN can not open the web how to do

2018-01-22 10:57:43

with the development of network technology, local area network (LAN), more and more applied to various occasions such as homes and businesses, local area network (LAN) is an essential part of the computer network, local area network (LAN) management is an important content of network management, then you know what to do with the company local area network (LAN) can't open web pages?Here is to learn, small make up of some relevant information about the company's local area network can't open web page, for your reference.

the company local area network (LAN) can't open web solution:

a: within the local area network (LAN) someone in the download large memory

encountered this kind of situation, some download software, company others seemingly began to be agitated, and nothing else, but web page can't open the anxiety, and then looked at small make up their own download network basic covers the overall speed of the company.

solution: you can use the router mode of current limiting binding of each computer speeds.Or suggest you download things, in my spare time, of course, the first method is the most of.No matter how to use the network will not affect others.

case 2: someone is using a dedicated player online movie in the local area network (LAN) is known to all if you use a video like fast sowing or baidu video special software online movies, basic network speed will take over all.This seems to be the fact that does not dispute.Solution:

can recommend using the player's current limit mode to watch, when online update is complete, please use network communication model is prohibited.

case 3: someone using illegal control software within the local area network (LAN), such as p2P network speed control software, because such software can be of any current limiting.Can even prohibit others to get to the Internet.Solution:

for the use of this software is better solved.We can open 360 LAN attack mode, how he attacks is also unhelpful.

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