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Computer network speed is too slow solution, teach you how to increase the speed of the network

2018-07-30 09:27:29

Connecting software after login

There is a trick here, as shown below, you can see the values ​​before different lines, the value represents the speed of the server from your local to this line, choose the low value of the Give you a smoother browsing speed! Highlight part can be seen, the author here is the fastest speed Unicom 02, and now I'll connect to this line to see how the next

After the connection is made, a small icon of a smart rain will appear in the tray.

Now We open the website and look, I prefer to watch sports websites, especially like the NBA. I usually turn it on very slowly. When I run into pages with more pictures, I don't have a slow side..

Test results Very good:

When you don't use the web accelerator, it takes 4.5 seconds to open the Sina Sports homepage with IE8, and it takes 3.5 seconds to open the homepage of Sohu Sports. After using the Internet Accelerator, it takes only 1.5 seconds to open the Sina Sports Homepage with IE8, and it takes about 2 seconds to open the homepage of Sohu Sports.

It can be said that there has been a great improvement.

After 2 Optimizing the use of different software in different directions. Now believe that your network should be as fast as I am.

The reason for the slow speed.

1. The cause of the virus Trojan. Causes slower network speeds.

2. Due to the use of p2p download software, the bandwidth consumption is very high, which results in slower network speed.

3. Multiple computers share the Internet, and computers on the shared network may have In APR virus, the solution is to find the source, use Kingsoft to kill the computer.

4. There is a broadband that you are in, there may be broadband line aging, the router is broken causes the speed Slow down.

5. Your computer and website are on different networks, such as access between Netcom users and telecommunication websites, and the speed of the Internet will also slow down.

6. There is also a problem with the website itself. The quality of the server on which the website is located is poor and the speed of the network caused by the limited bandwidth is slow.

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