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Computer cable speed router slow how to do?

2018-01-19 11:49:58

use routers, if computer cable to connect the router speed short of operators to provide actual bandwidth, please refer to the method described in this article to troubleshoot.

note: please make sure that same computer LAN broadband dial-up connection directly, using the same line, same speed measuring method of velocity measuring result is normal (to the bandwidth of the operators to provide value).If not, please contact the operator optimization broadband lines.


. Only the cable connecting a computer to log

routers can satisfy more than one terminal share Internet at the same time, the other parts of the equipment at the same time, the Internet will grab the bandwidth, affect the speed measuring result.Therefore, it is suggested that to ensure the router only connect a wired computer, connect the router's other wired and wireless terminal is disconnected, and speed of the reentry after restart the router.

2. Choose authority speed measuring software, and test a few times more

test speed, please use the official speed measuring platform to speed.Telecom's speed, speed measuring platform is divided into page speed and client recommend as follows respectively:

page speed platform:

client speed measuring platform: broadband assistant;Surf the Internet every day.Below

page speed for telecom platform note:

(1) do not use unknown third party the speed of small tools, its velocity data may not be reliable/instability.

(2) the need to test a few times more, compare with multiple sets of data, in order to avoid because of the speed measuring software server instability affect the test result.

3. Check whether match the broadband router specification

as the family of broadband grows, the router's specifications also increase accordingly.If choose router specifications do not match with broadband, will directly affect the Internet speed, please replace the router.

(1) within 100 m and broadband, cable port to support at least 100 m access router.

(2) 200 m / 300 m / 500 m / 1000 m broadband, must choose wired gigabit router port.

note: TP cc-link router cable support 100 m access port, the corresponding gigabit router port cable support 200 m / 300 m / 500 m / 1000 m broadband access.

4. Check the router Settings,

(1) check whether the router open bandwidth control in

confirmed that the router is not set speed limit (bandwidth control), if so, please close the function after speed.Methods:

login router management interface, click "Equipment management ->->Master network ", make sure no speed measuring terminal speed limits, the following graph:

note: part of the router interface, but the method similar to the specific reference: the new tp - the link how to set the speed limit (bandwidth control),

(2) check the router WAN port rate

router to the default rate of the WAN port model for automatic negotiation, if manually modify the router WAN rate of 10 m, in more than 10 MBPS broadband speed on the line, will affect the speed measuring result.Therefore, please ensure that the router WAN rate since the negotiation mode.Methods:

management interface on the router, click "Routing setting ->->The Internet Settings ->->Advanced Settings ", confirm speed WAN port for automatic negotiation, as follows:

note: some of the early router does not support the WAN port rate adjustment, the default for automatic negotiation;Part of the router interface is different, after landing interface, change rate model in the network parameters.

(3) check the router software version.

confirmed the router software version for the latest standard version software, if not, please upgrade to the latest standard version of the software.

5 some

5. Replace the WAN port cable line environment, because the cable is too long, poor quality of cable, cable line sequence is not standard may lead to problems such as the use of the router after the download speed is affected, can try to replace the WAN line speed again.

note: 200 m / 300 m / 500 m / 1000 m broadband, need to use more than five or six class of wiring router.

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