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Computer cat Los flash red light how to do, computer cat troubleshooting method

2018-01-08 15:06:04

computer cat is one of the necessary practical small tools in many families, it has a nickname is a modem, can help us to realize the remote communication between two computers, so in many cases play an extremely important role.Computer cat on the market can be divided into many kinds of products, according to the different classification on the basis of the choice of specific use requires the user to purchase in accordance with the actual situation.Today to bring us the is more common in life about computer fault analysis content of cat and the cat's profile.

a, computer cat los flash a red light to do

light.In cat on a light square tail fiber head, usually leader is blue.You can check the leader is good, and you can follow even the skin on the head line cable check, within the scope of what you can see, to see if skin line cable rupture, breakage, bending or knot kingdom.If can rule out the above situation, it can only be solved

unicom fiber cat installed personnel find LOS lamp under normal condition should be put out, such as flashing red light, the lines have not unobstructed.It is recommended that you check your indoor line is there is bent, if not directly call unicom hotline at 10010 for the repair.


(1) computer cat introduction, summary of

computer cat, commonly known as the MODEM (MODEM).It is a kind of computer hardware, it can translate computer digital signal into the analog signal transmitted over regular telephone lines, and the analog signal can be line another modem at the other end of the receiving, and translated into computer language can understand.This simple process to complete the communication between the two computers.

modem is a modem.Is called the modulator and demodulator.Internet users often dubbed The cat ".It is essential equipment for dial-up Internet access.Through Modem computer digital information into audio information to spread on the telephone.

modem general part and the outer two kinds.Built-in insert do not take up desktop space in the computer, the use of computer internal power supply, prices are less expensive than the external type.External type is easy to install, no need open the case, also need not take expansion slot in a computer.It has a few light, can report the Modem is working at any time.

(cat), we often say that Modem is actually a Modulator (Modulator and Demodulator (Modem), the Chinese called a Modem.Others according to Modem homophonic, intimacy to call The cat ".We know that the information in the computer is by 0 "And "1 "Composed of digital signal, but on the telephone line is only analog electrical signals.Thus, when two computers through telephone line for data transmission, requires a device is responsible for the d/a conversion.The d/a converter is what we are here to discuss the Modem.Computer when sending data, the first by the Modem digital signal is converted to the corresponding analog signal, this process is called Modulation ".After modulation signal carrier by telephone before transferred to another computer, also responsible for the analog signal by the receiver Modem reduction for the computer to recognize the digital signal, we call this process Demodulation ".It is through such a Modulation "With Demodulation "D/a conversion process, so as to realize the remote communication between two computers.

(2), main classification

generally, according to the form and installation of Modem, can be roughly divided into the following four types of [:

1, external Modem


external Modem is placed outside the chassis and connected to the host through the serial communication port. The Modem is convenient and easy to install, and the flickering light is easy to monitor the working condition of the Modem. But the external Modem needs to use extra power and cable.

2, built-in Modem

built-in Modem in installation needs to disassemble the chassis, and to interrupt and COM port settings, installation is more tedious. This Modem takes up the expansion slot on the main board, but does not need extra power and cable, and the price is cheaper than the external Modem.

3, PCMCIA plug-in Modem

plug-in Modem is mainly used for notebook computer, small volume. With mobile phone, mobile office can be realized conveniently.

4, rack type Modem


stand Modem is equivalent to centring a set of Modem in a box or shell and supplying power by a unified power supply. The frame type Modem is mainly used in the central machine room of Internet/Intranet, telecommunication bureau, campus network, financial institution and so on.

In addition to the above four common Modem,

also has a ADSL modem. Cable Modem uses the cable of the cable TV for signal transmission, not only has the function of modulation and demodulation, but also integrates routers, hubs and bridges. The theoretical transmission speed is more than 10Mbps. Through Cable Modem, each user has a separate IP address, which is equivalent to having a personal line. Print-Rite network of Shenzhen cable television has launched this Internet access service based on CATV network, with the access rate of 2Mbps-10Mbps!

about computer cat, it is a tool that can help us build effective connection with our own computers and other machines. Therefore, as a necessary part of cooperation and communication, it plays an important role in many situations. These small series is a series of the introduction of the information obtained is everyone finishing from the user angle for, including the common problems of life: to analyze the causes of computer cat Los flashes red and solving steps, in addition, we also introduce the content of computer classification of cats.

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