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Computer does not even how to do Internet, suddenly can not open the web is how the matter [Detailed

2018-01-11 15:34:00

computers don't surf the Internet?

don't know if you have encountered such a problem, is well on the Internet, suddenly broken network, the page cannot be opened, QQ also cannot login.This is how to return a responsibility?

the following, we take a look at all of a sudden can't open web page what is going on.

1, home of using a router to pull out received the thread of the router and turn off the router power (no can ignore this step).

2, the main line (is the Internet line that network operators) directly to the computer network interface, to pay attention to watch after cable interface have lamp in bright, if it's bright, normal;If you are not bright, can network card problem, also may be the main line problem (here in desktops for example).After

3, assuming that connected to cable network interface lights, just look at the local connection in the network connection have to cross it, if the fork, may network card or main problems;Assuming no cross it on to the next step.

4, for broadband users, in the local connection (or Ethernet) without a fork, it is need to double click "Broadband connection ", if it does not have a broadband connection, you can use the shortcut key Win + R, the pop-up dialog after input "Rasphone. Exe", click "Identify ", select "New ", select "Broadband ".

5, if the common mistakes appeared in the process of dialing code 691, 769, (678851651), etc.= = "691 - confirm password is correct and the account has expired;Above good is normal, also is 691 dial telephone operators.= "769 - right click on the online neighbors —Property —Right-click the local connection —To enable recovery;Nic fault;Confirm good or above 769 nic driver lost need to reinstall, nic loose insert card weight, network card hardware problems need to change;To find a computer store maintenance.= "(678851651), restart the computer and the heavy cable for 5 minutes, not arranged with service engineer to dial the operator call processing.Assuming that no error code, display "The connected ", congratulations, you can surf the Internet.More than


1, if still can't solve the problem, suggest reshipment system., broadband connection error code

2 and 615619630633676692718720721734797, etc., can be baidu search for solutions.

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