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Computer network from time to time to disconnect how to do when the network connection is good and t

2018-02-24 13:03:42

computer network from time to time off?

good network connection broken solution:

1 poor contact, network port.

solution: using alcohol to clean

2, cable head is broken crystal

solution: there are other cable can try;

to buy one of them is just a few dollars


router suggest getting rid of router solution: try directly with the main web site if the router is broken, there is something wrong with the network driver

4 solution: download a driver life. Update the network driver

5, these problems are not the solution:

which may be the network is not stable, there is something wrong with the web server port. Look for broadband company

note: don't bother, can only help you so much on the Internet.Can only depend on oneself try., trouble will find a computer, article 5 of the best methods in front after try again.Above

is broken solution at the time of the network connection is good, can have the same problems of friends began to try.

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