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Computer network shows yellow exclamation point how to do?

2018-01-23 10:25:49

computer networks occasionally appear yellow exclamation mark, said that the current network is not available;If there is a Red Cross, says the local network is disabled;If the network is normal, the icon shows a small computer logo and the bottom right hand corner.

yellow exclamation mark

red fork fork

normal network

yellow exclamation mark solution appeared yellow exclamation mark

one of the main reason is that the current network is not available!May be a broken line, try to change a network cable to try;May be connected to the network is not available, check whether access broadband network can be normal access to the Internet;May be unable to obtain IP address automatically, this situation is more common, especially in companies, schools and so on big occasions.When we reset the router, just can be normal access to the Internet in computer network will appear yellow exclamation point, that is to reset the router is unable to obtain IP again, after solution: open "Network and sharing center "

"open network and sharing center"

change set instruments set

change IP automatically gets


" to disable the local connection to enable local connection before

to solve the problem need to connect the local property changes to obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically

red fork fork solution

red fork fork, easy to solve problems, the mouse to click "Open network and sharing center --"Change the set instruments set ", see the local connection "& disabled throughout;After, right choice "Enable "

local connection


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