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Computer network speed is too slow how to do, the computer network speed is too slow Speed ​​method

2018-01-15 16:41:27

computer speed too slow?

when the number of nodes in the network involved in not many, the structure is not very complicated, generally the phenomenon is rare.But in some complex networks, often have redundant backup lines, such as inadvertently will form on the loop.This sometimes leads to our network speed is slow.

the following, we take a look at the effective method to improve speed.

1, first of all, we to set only every computer in the LAN IP address.The goal is to realize the personalized limit operation.Open "The control panel "Double-click "The network connection ".In

2, in the open window, right-click the "Local connection "Option "Properties throughout the &;To enter.

3, then double click "Internet protocol (IPV4) "Can set static IP address.

4 local area network, real-time monitoring, prevent modify IP address, break through the restrictions on the Internet.Can be directly on the web search "Trend to local area network monitoring software "To use.

5, run the software, select the machine card types, then checked "Whitelist IP change automatic isolation "Items.

6, and then click "Start monitoring "Button, and through "Move to the white list "The button will blacklist computer move to the white list.To this, the set up, when a user attempts to modify IP address through Internet restrictions, will automatically be isolated.

7, and finally running "Trunk network management "In the software, click on the main interface "Allocation strategy "Button.

8, and in "Edit policies "Window to create a new strategy, name "Limit access to the Internet to see video ".In

9, in the following pop-up window, switch to "P2P download limit "TAB, check "Enable the video website restrict "And "All control "Two.

10, and finally applied the strategy to check on a host of restrictions can be realized.

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