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Computer network speed is what reason

2018-01-15 14:47:03

network is very important for modern people, because of it, we can exchange of information on the Internet, check some information, but sometimes when we want to visit some of the information, only to find that the computer network speed slow what reason be?Here on this topic to introduce in detail:

computer network speed slow what reason be?

a network itself,

you want to connect to target site's server bandwidth or heavy load.Treatment method is very simple, please change the time again or change the target site.

second, the network problems lead to slow speed

we know that the twisted pair is made up of four pairs of lines according to strict rules on tightly twisted, and together, to reduce the crosstalk and the influence of background noise.At the same time, using only in T568A or T568B standard twisted pair of 1, 2, and 3, 6, four lines, among them, 1, 2, used to send, 3, 6, used to receive, and 1, 2, must be from a wound on, 3, 6 must come from a round about.Only in this way, can maximum limit to avoid crosstalk, guarantee the data transmission.Not in the correct standards (T586A, T586B) cable, there is a big hidden trouble.Is shown as: when a situation is began to use speed is very slow;Another case is starting speed is normal, but after a period of time, speed slow down.The latter on the desktop computer performance is very obvious, but when using a laptop to check speed is shown as normal.Caused by not in the correct standard production of cable network speed slow is also related to the quality of the network card.General desktop computer laptop is better than the performance of the network card, therefore, when troubleshooting with exchange method, detection speed normal doesn't rule out using laptop cable is not according to the standard production of the existence of the problem.

three, network existing in circuit result in slower speeds of

when the number of nodes in the network involved in not many, the structure is not very complicated, generally the phenomenon is rare.But in some complex networks, often have redundant backup lines, such as inadvertently will form on the loop.Such as cable received from network center computer room, again received from computer room computer room 2.At the same time from the network center and there is a spare line directly connected to the computer room, if these few lines connected at the same time, is a loop, the packet will continue to send and check data, thus affecting the overall speed.This situation is to find more difficult.To avoid this kind of circumstance happening, requires that we must form a good habit: when laying cable network cable on clear label, there is spare line should be recorded.If such failure is suspected, generally adopt the method of partition segmented gradually eliminated.

4, network equipment hardware failures result in slow speed

increase in the number of the network computer, network transmission efficiency will decrease significantly.After the network card or network equipment damage, is constantly send broadcast packets, leading to the broadcast storm, paralyzed the network communication.Therefore, when network equipment hardware failure can also cause slow speeds.When such failure is suspected, the first displacement method can be used to replace a hub or switch to exclude set line equipment failure.If these equipment has no fault, turn off the hub or switch power supply, DOS "Ping"Command to test involving computer one by one, find defective card computer, replace the new card can restore normal speed.Network CARDS, hubs and switches are most prone to failure to cause slow speed device.What's the reason why

computer speed is slow?That is to tell you about computer network speed slow is what reason, hope to be able to help you.More related information about computer network speed slow is what reason, please continue to pay attention to the Pacific Ocean.

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