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Computer server motherboard repair

2018-01-12 17:15:58

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many netizens have to worry about a problem, the computer is used long, a lot of difficult problems came out.Server after startup, but not electricity;Start computer with no reaction after;Computer often gets stuck, crashing.The root of these problems is the computer motherboard, CPU.Computer main board installed in the fuselage, it is the most basic is also one of the most important parts of the server.Small make up for you, this paper has a detailed introduction of computer server motherboard maintenance, specially designed for you to solve the server is not running, computer, computer blue screen.

server motherboard chip-level maintenance:

as a professional hardware maintenance, the board maintenance is very important to one of the project.Take a piece of defective motherboard (Mainboard), how to determine which components out of the question?Cause the Mainboard (Mainboard) failure to focus on:

1 man-made fault: charged I/O card, call waiting, and fit the board and plug in improper hard docking ports, chips, etc.

2. Poor environment: electrostatic often cause on the main board (Mainboard) chip (especially the CMOS chip) is punctured.In addition, main board (Mainboard) met instant damage or grid voltage spikes, tend to damage the system board near the power supply plug chip.If the main board, Mainboard, was full of dust, can also cause signal is short circuit, etc.

3. The device quality problem: due to poor quality of chips and other devices lead to damage.

first to draw attention to the land is clean, dust is one of the motherboard (Mainboard) most the enemy.Best attention dustproof, usable brush gently brush away the Mainboard (Mainboard) shangdi dust, in addition, the main board (Mainboard) on a small card, chip adopt use pins form, often due to oxidation and poor contact pin.Can use the eraser to surface oxidation layer, plug again.Of course, we can use the trichloroethane, volatile performance is good, is one of the clean motherboard (Mainboard) to liquid.There is a sudden power lost, want to turn off the computer immediately, so as to avoid suddenly calls the motherboard (Mainboard) and the power consumed.

because of the bad BIOS Settings, if overclocking & hellip;& hellip;Can jump line clear, pick a reset.If the BIOS is damaged, such as viruses & hellip;& hellip;, we can rewrite the BIOS.Because the BIOS is not by the instrument, it exists in the form of software, in order to rule out all possible lead to the Mainboard (Mainboard) problems and reasons, the best main board, Mainboard BIOS brush.Pull out plug exchange host system fault to cause a lot of, for example the Mainboard (Mainboard) own fault or I/O bus shangdi various card failure can lead to abnormal system operation.

in addition to know how the computer server motherboard repair, know how to use random diagnosis, maintenance CARDS and various technical parameters to supplement the hardware maintenance problems, can achieve twice the result with half the effort.This requires Internet users familiar with computer analog circuit and digital circuit know check computer failure.Through the above introduction, believe netizens have details about the method of computer server motherboard repair next time meet computer crashes, jam, believe small make up this article will help to you.In addition, small make up telling netizens to regularly clean up their own computer, computer motherboards, avoid water erosion to know to protect it.

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