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Computer single computer network normal, after the router can not be online how to do?

2018-02-06 11:54:00
Host cable connecting the ADSL Modem to dial directly, can be normal dial-up and access to the Internet.But through a host connection router, the router ADSL Modem cannot normal Internet connection again.What are the causes? Probably?Need to how to deal with?As shown in the figure below:

by past treatment experience of this type of problem before, we recommend that you check with ADSL Modem router connection is correct, then check the router's WAN Settings are correct, such as user name, password, etc.Finally, you can consider to restart the host test.If after the restart still can't solve, we need to check whether the TCP/IP Settings conflict or whether the automatic acquisition IP address, gateway, DNS server.
1, check the router and ADSL Modem connections between
to ensure the ADSL Modem has good network service providers (isps) telephone line, then use the network cable connection at one end of the ADSL Modem RJ45 network card, network and connects to the router's WAN port (note: the router labeled Modem)., use after confirmed another Internet line, connected to one PC, the other side connected to the router LAN port (note: if there are multiple LAN port, can connect any one).After the operation, wait for 2 minutes to open a browser, observe whether the fault eliminate?As shown in the figure below:

2, check the TCP/IP Settings in the system desktop "Online neighbors "Icon, and click the right mouse button in the pop-up menu, choose "Properties (R) ".As shown in the figure below:

2.2 in the pop-up window, select the corresponding card name as local connection, and then click the right mouse button and choose from the menu "Properties (R) ".As shown in the figure below:

remind: if is wireless need to choose a wireless connection, cable if there is only one so choose local connection.
2.3 local connection properties in the pop-up window, find "Internet protocol (TCP/IP) "And double-click the left mouse button.As shown in the figure below:

2.4 in the properties window, check "Use the following IP address (S) ", and then according to the actual network input IP address, subnet mask, gateway router address and DNS server address.If not clear what you need to set up value, you can contact the network administrator or Internet service provider.After confirmed, click "Identify "Button.As shown in the figure below:

remind: if you open the default is manually set the IP address, DNS server, you can check "Obtain IP address automatically (D) "Test.
2.5 setup has been completed, wait for 2 minutes to open the browser to check whether the fault is excluded?
3, check the router dial-up and
3.1 open InternetExplorer browser Settings, enter the router address in the address bar, such as: the carriage return after shown in the figure below:

remind: the address of the router to paste on the back of the router, can see through the inversion of router.
3.2 in the pop-up Windows security dialog box, type in the router's the password for the administrator account, then click the "Identify "Button.As shown in the figure below:

remind: the router's administrator account, password and paste on the back of the router, can see through the inversion of router.
3.3 click on the left side "Running status "Link, as shown in the figure below:

3.4 if see through state, confirmed that the current has connected the DSL network, you can determine the attachment is correct.The rest may be host DNS Settings are not correct, refer to step 2.Or another possibility is that the router has a firewall restriction, disable the MAC or IP address, the situation can be banned according to the actual situation of the firewall.As shown in the figure below:

3.5 if not connected, if the Modem is normal, and there is no lack of conditions, are generally of the router's WAN dial-up user name, password input error, or ADSL Modem and router connection error, failure.

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