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Computer suddenly can not get online how to do? Teach you to solve the problem of the computer can n

2018-01-19 16:30:40

computer suddenly can't get to the Internet, sometimes don't know what problem, make a phone call to the operator, operator, and he said no problem, then how can ordinary people own the right to judge what was wrong because computer can't surf the Internet?

the difference between a in order to distinguish the interfaces between different systems, but also give you the most generic tutorial, so we this tutorial is given priority to with the command line.[dear reader, please don't panic, is all some very good fit command ^_^]

first of all, we need to press Microsoft icon + R keys out "Run "Window.Then enter "Cmd"And click "Identify "The key.In

out of the window, black input "Ipconfig"And press enter button.To view "Ethernet adapter "Or "Wireless LAN adapter "The inside of the parameters.Graphic IPv4 address, subnet mask, default gateway is that we are looking for information.More than

here, we input command "Ping "And click the enter key.This address is the IPv4 address above.If appear below reply, said local connection is normal.But if a "The request timeout "This kind of information, has said his card above the cable may be poor contact, should be to tight line, if still won't do, then you should change another Internet line.

if you have questions, please refer to the following four:

1. Did you first take a look at your IP address, make sure you card did not disable: ipconfig

2. Ping to test your TCP/IP protocol stack is good, can't you drive has a problem.

3. Take a look at the firewall closed.

4. More than bad, is network card fault, find a way to change the network card.If the above

"Ping "No problem, here we input "Ping ", that is, the parameters of the default gateway.If there are the following four normal package back, said the computer to the router circuit is normal;If there is a "The request timeout "Information, the router may have problems.Should go to check the router problems, whether to see their own MAC address on the router is disabled if the above

"Ping "No problem, so this time, we should input "Ping win7sky.com "This time, if there is a "The request timeout ", it should be something wrong with telecom operators.This time, hurriedly picked up the phone call telecom!

part of the solution:

network at present are obtained automatically now, if we are not careful it is easy to be set to a fixed error, unable to connect due to network conditions.So the network can't connect pressure check our network IP setting in the first place.Right-click on the

computer --Click the network name.

select properties --TCP/IP…& hellip;4, double-click to open, will be under the IP and DNS are set to automatically obtain with respect to OK.

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