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Computer wifi hot spots how to do [Operation steps]

2018-01-09 16:53:45

as we all know, we are now using the computer is often to get to the Internet, entertainment to relax ourselves, but we want to know, sometimes in some occasions we may have computers and mobile phones at the same time, so how to achieve online at the same time, then we can give our computer open hot spots, and then mobile phone can connect wireless, it is very convenient, especially in the school dormitory, because the person is more, hot spot is very common things, so you know how to do computer wi-fi hotspots, together to get to know.

: the first method 1. Open the first "The control panel ", click "The network and Internet", click "Network sharing center ", to find and open "Set up a new connection or network ".

(2) select and open "Set up wireless temporary) (computer to computer network ", click next, fill in the network name, password, then click the next.

(3) wait for wireless wifi set up, wait for a few seconds later you can see the wireless network setup success tips, close the control panel, you can use other laptop or mobile phone connection to the Internet.

the second method:

1. Download the latest version of the 360 security guards, version 9.2 and above.Open "Even I wifi"Function.

(2) according to the prompt to open, click a button to create and set up your own wifi account and password, can be used to open the cell phone began to connect, then enjoy free fast traffic.

note: must be with a built-in computer network card, now the laptop has this function.If there is a problem, you can click on even my wifi on the use of help.

and the third way:

1. Choose "Start "- "Run "Run command in column input "CMD"Open the administrator, in the interface, enter the following command: netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = ACE - PC key = 12345678, press enter.

2. Wait for about one minute later, in a name card for Internet connection "Microsoft Virtual WIFI Miniport Adapter "The wireless network, rename it to wifi.

(3) to check "The network connection "Window, right-click on the already connected to the Internet network connection, right-click the selection "Properties throughout the &;- "Sharing "Home network connection, section 1 choice "Virtual WIFI".

4. Sure, you can use the Internet to connect display "Sharing "Said is ready to use, open wireless network, the input in the command prompt: netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork, set, search the ACE - PC, enter the password 12345678 can be used.

through the above content, believe that you already know, because computer wifi hot spot is very common, I hope you can remember these methods, after all, more and more friends now USES a computer, and only a computer connected to the wireless network, we can get to the Internet, as well as at home, we not only have a cell phone, also have a computer, to ensure that the Internet at the same time, the wifi it is critical that everyone in the process of using a computer at ordinary times, also want to know more about the network operations.

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