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Computers connect networks through routing (computers are routed to connect network printers)

2018-01-08 17:15:12

people will need only a broadband connection to the router, the router can provide several computers at the same time very smooth broadband network.Has reason to implement sales in the market is very hot, almost everyone will buy the router.But there are a lot of people don't use the computer through the router to connect to the Internet.Computer through the router to connect to the Internet is actually very simple, the small make up say to everyone how computers through the router to connect to the Internet?At the same time to share the computer by using the method of routing connection network printer.

computers connected via routing network

. First of all we need to put the cat and connected to the wireless router.Ethernet cable First of all, a serial cat on the LAN, on the other end is connected to the wireless router wan above it.

xp, my computer system is xp, for example, Windows 7 is the same steps is a local connection online is a neighbor, the divided or better.First, click the local connection and then right click on properties.

2. Then in the interface has been under, find a Internet protocol, double-click on the call.

3. And then come out on the interface of all the choice of automatic button, set the click ok in the future.

4. Then call from its own browser, enter Then enter your account password.Are all the admin.After

5. Input into this only fast network interface, click the setup wizard.After

6. Click in the interface, directly click next.After

7. Click next.In the interface of the default is to allow routers to choose the right means of access to the Internet this, don't need to change directly to the next step.

8. Then there will be a enter the account password, is a time when you install broadband to what you said to your account and password, direct input into click next.

9. Then the interface to choose their own need.Set the router name and password, click next after set up.After

10. And then click, would come out to an interface to allow you to check your Settings of parameters, and then click save to this button.After

11. Save, set out a state, can see the setting of all these things are always the factory, to this, the wireless router Settings work is completed.

computers connected via routing network printer

. We have to look for a printer that the IP address of the computer, right click on the small computer in the lower right corner, open network and sharing center, click enter.

2. Change adapter Settings.

3. Right-click on the connected network, selection state.

4. The pop-up dialog box choose detailed inside.

5. We can see the ipv4 address, the address recorded.

6. When we want to connect Shared printed on this computer, press the start key, input, and then select run.

7. In the dialog box to add two slashes behind enter the IP address of the record just now, press enter.

8. See the Shared printer, right click on the link.

9. After the success we will go to the printer can be set to a computer.

10. According to the original records of the IP address of the printer is set to the default printer, you can use the printer when printing.

along with the expansion of the computer almost all modern family, has more than 2 PCS.Although the function of the computer performance is very strong, but must connect the performance of the network can make it fully play.And now in the market of broadband network price is more expensive, and a computer can only a broadband connection.The router is greatly solved the problem, people can through the router to computer to use the Internet very much.While the computer through the routing in small make up to you to connect to the Internet method, hope you can help to people in need.

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