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Crack specific settings of Broadband broadband router

2018-06-01 14:38:06

Although most of the current networks are telecommunications and Netcom, but there are still many people using the broadband network, we often have to crack the router in the process of using it. Below, we introduce how to crack the radio and television routers.

I. Enter the router's settings interface, enter or in the IE browser's address bar (usually the two One, can look at the specification concretely, many other routers are marked with the IP address that enters router setting , User name and password are generally admin or guest, some passwords are empty.

(1) Then click on the WAN Settings tab, select PPPoE, dial normally;

Route Cracker (2) Account: Account @gd, Password:, Automatically connect.

Two, enter the router's settings interface, enter or in the IE browser address bar (usually the two, you can look at the specific instructions, and many other routers are marked There are IP addresses entered into the router settings. The username and password are usually admin or guest, and some passwords are empty.

(1) Click the WAN Settings tab and select Dynamic IP;

(2) Add the broadcast's DNS (find the DNS method: enter cmd in Start - Run, click OK or Press Enter, type Ipconfig/all and press Enter. The two rows of numbers behind the DNS Servers are. For example: The DNS of a radio and TV is and

(3) Find Mac Address cloning, point cloning can be.

(4) routers are not the same, the interface may not be the same, see the router setup instructions.

The above is the cracking method of radio and television routers, The users of Guangdian actually operate it.

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