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D-Link Router Firmware Upgrade Notes

2018-08-06 09:39:39

Before upgrading the D-LINK router firmware, you need to know some information, and then you can select the required upgrade file according to the specific conditions of the device.

I. Verifying the product's hardware version number prior to the upgrade and the existing firmware version number

The different hardware version will correspond to a different firmware version. This information can be found in the product. See the white label on the bottom of the box or at the white label on the back of the product itself. If it is an English font, please check the last line contains the words “H/WVer:F/WVer:”. The former is the hardware version number and the latter is the firmware version number. If your D-LINK router has firmware update, you can see your current firmware version number and corresponding date in the system status in the configuration interface.

II. The version used is earlier than the version to be upgraded. Upgrade to the intermediate version (ie, the one with the closest interval) and then upgrade to the higher or newest version.

p> If the software version number of the DI-624+A device you are using is 2.02S or earlier than 2.04, please upgrade to the firmware version 2.04 first, and then update the firmware version 2.04 to the update. The version goes to upgrade.

3. Using the suffix .bin file for firmware update

The upgrade file downloaded from the D-LINK router website contains two files, one with the suffix. The exe file and the file with the suffix .bin are used to perform firmware update in the .bin file on the D-LINK router WEB management interface.

(1) Open the browser and type in the address bar to log in to the D-LINK router WEB management interface (by default, the username is admin and the password is blank. ), enter the configuration interface, click on the Tools menu, and then click the firmware update button on the left; secretcode

(4) During the upgrade process, the system will prompt for reactivation. Do not power off the system, the system will automatically complete; if there is a re-activation button or continue button, click to complete this step; for users of wireless D-LINK router, please upgrade the firmware using a network cable to connect your router and Computer without you using wireless status to upgrade.

(5) After the upgrade is successful, the system will re-enter the configuration interface. You can see the firmware version number and the corresponding date after the upgrade in the system status.

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