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D-Link Wireless Router Wireless Settings

2018-07-02 12:19:23

From this figure, we can see that our wireless router is also in it. The first dlink is, but everyone has discovered that this wireless network does not have any security at all. It is shown as “unsecured wireless network”. That is to say, as long as anyone can search for this wireless network, you can use it to access the Internet without a password. This is the so-called “deep network”. Let's try it, click on "dlink" and click on "Connect" below.

This is a lightweight connection. This is not okay, I am. It took more than 100 models of 300M high-speed wireless routers to buy, but it can't allow outsiders to casually squat!

Wireless network setup settings: Now let's see how to set up a secure wireless network.

Set the wireless password and modify the SSID.

Log in to the wireless router's management interface again, as shown below:

d-link Wireless Router Setup Security Mode Select AUTO-WPA/WPA2 ()" and then enter the key, click "Save", the following figure appears, shows that the configuration is in effect, wait a moment, the wireless network security settings will end.

Wireless Network Test:

We once again used the laptop to use the connection test to view the "available wireless network" and found that the SSID has changed as shown in the following figure:

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