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D-link router multi-storey building layout is what

2018-02-24 09:28:01

integrated wiring system is a modular, flexibility, high integrated general transmission mode, can connect voice, data, images, and all kinds of equipment and devices for building control management, is to use twisted-pair cable and optical fiber cable between buildings or buildings to comprehensive transport information network system, it is connected in the building "3 a "Systems of all kinds of information infrastructure.Equipped with integrated wiring system, can satisfy the users' needs of constantly changing, intellectualization of high-rise building provides quick information channel.

integrated wiring system as an integrated network of open architecture, compared with the traditional system, practicability, flexibility, modularity and its advantages.

1, practicability, practical design integrated wiring system, can support a variety of network products and network structure, the speech signal in the high-rise building, data signal and image signal transmission of monitoring equipment, can put the different integrated voice and data signals to a standard set of integrated wiring system.

2, flexibility, flexible network integrated wiring system, so as to realize the networking of different network topology structure, can be flexible displacement jump line management, thus can meet the meet the requirements of different networking in high-rise buildings.

3, modular, integrated wiring system is the connectors in the building block of standard parts, to remove a small amount of installation outside the building of copper or optical cable, the modular design can facilitate the whole high-rise building wiring system of the management and use, in the event of a failure can also be timely maintenance and replacement.

4, scalable, strictly follow the international standard of integrated wiring system is possible expansion equipment, including electrical equipment, communications equipment, computer network equipment, endpoint control equipment, etc., at the time of need, can add the latest equipment to implement the integrated wiring system.

depending on the function and implementation of regional integrated wiring system, can be divided into six subsystems, respectively is: the workspace subsystem, horizontal distribution subsystem, vertical main subsystems, equipment between subsystem and management subsystem and complex subsystem.

1, workspace subsystem: it is mainly composed of terminal equipment connected to the socket connection and equipment information, including information socket, connectors, cable assembly, routers, etc.Its information socket connection of commonly used equipment are telephones, computers, workstations, data terminals, TV, camera and monitor, etc.

2, horizontal distribution subsystem: within the same floor level subsystem, use area to extend wiring subsystem to terminal equipment, so as to realize the information socket to the wiring connection between floors distribution frame.

3, vertical main subsystems: by the distribution frame between the handover and jump line, provide high-rise main cable routing, thus achieve program-controlled equipment between control center and the connections between each management subsystem, commonly used medium is cable or twisted-pair cable.

4, equipment between subsystems: between subsystem of equipment (supported by cable, connectors, and hardware and so on) and the wiring between the administrative subsystem, it is the foundation of building the main system.

5, management subsystem: the main equipment is distribution frame, can use the distribution frame of jump line function, which makes the ability of flexible multi-function integrated wiring system.By building into the line equipment, the host of wiring devices and related wiring protection equipment.In

6, complex subsystem: is to realize the complex connection between buildings, is a distribution frame of the building of the cable distribution frame connected equipment in extended to other structures.

summary: in the integrated wiring systems engineering design, installation and use of the management process should be often related to construction engineering design, construction, construction units and close cooperation, seek a reasonable way to solve the problem, in order to realize the integrated wiring system and building complement each other.

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